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Foley Family Feud

what is lined by ciliated epithelium nasopharynx
what would cause macrophages in the alveoli dust cells
whats another name for inhalation inspiration
what covers the inner surface of the thoracic wall parietal wall
whats another name for expiration exhalation
whats another name for thyroid cartilage adams apple
what blocks the entry of food into the larynx epiglottis
what covers the outer surface of the lungs visceral pleura
narrow _____ extends from the oropharynx to the entrance of the esophagus laryngopharynx
the ______ wall lacks the support of cartilage bronchioles
the movement of air into and out of the lungs is called __________ __________ pulmonary ventilation
the amount of air moved into or out of the lungs in a single respiration is called ____ ____ tidal volume
the respiratory control center is located at the ___________ ___________ medulla oblongata
exchange of gases between living cells and the environment is called what respiration
what prevents the lungs from breathing more deeply during strenuous activity(over expansion of the lungs) inflation reflex
opening into the trachea is known as what windpipe
tracheal tubes that enter into each lung are called what bronchi
gas exchange occurs in what lungs
when diaphragm moves up while breathing, we are what inhaling
volume of air in lungs (1200ml) is what residual
what is pulmonary ventilation movement of air into the lungs
internal ventilation capillaries
external ventilation lungs
what does cilia do blocks out foreign matter
red blood cells carry what oxygen
what is the respiratory rate for an adult 15-20 respirations per minute
True or False: The voicebox is known as the larynx True
true or false: most of the oxygen carried in the blood dissolves in plasma false
true or false: oxygen and carbon dioxide dissolve in plasma false
Created by: driddle73