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Ancient India

advanced technologies plumbing and sewers. They also planned their cities on a grid.
brahma a single spiritual power that Hindus believe lives in everything.
buddha enlightened one
buddhism a belief system base on the teachings of siddhartha gautama, the buddha, which stresses freeing oneself from worldly desires.
caste system social class that determined your status in India.
dharma duty
eightfold path basic rules of behavior and beliefs that led to the end of suffering.
enlightenment wisdom
four noble truths 1. life is full of suffering 2. the cause of suffering is desire 3. the way to end all suffering is to end all desires. 4. the way to overcome nonvirtue is to follow the eightfold path
harappan civilization ancient settlements in the Indus River Valley
himalayan mountain range natural barrier between india and the rest of asia
hinduism religion native to india, featuring belief in many gods and reincarnation
indus river Unpredicatable flooding, river in the west
karma sum of good and bad in a persons life will determine their status in the next life
moksha liberation from the cycle of reincarnation in hinduism
monsoon strong winds in India that brings heavy rains in the summer and drought conditions in the winter.
nirvana buddha's word for release from selfishness and pain.
reincarnation rebirth after death. believed in by both buddhists and hindus.
samsara endless cycle of brith, suffering, death, and rebirth.
shiva destroyer of the world
siddhartha guatama prince who founded buddhism and gave up his power to become enlightened.
subcontinenet large area of land separated from the rest of the a continent by physical features.
vedas hindu holy book
vishnu preserver of the world
brahmin creator of the world
mohnejo-daro early city state that thrived and had many advanced technologies like sewers.
mauryan empire many accomplishments in math, science, and astronomy.
gupta empire first empire ruled by Asoka, wide spread of buddhism.
aryans nomads from the steppes of Asia that invaded India and conquered the Harrapian society.
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