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South America

Population of South America Over 370 million people
Andes Mountains Longest mountain chains in the world, run along SA entire western coast from Venezuela to the southern tip
Amazon River 2nd longest river in the world, fed by tributaries, runs through Brazil
Atacama Desert Extremely dry climate, located between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean
Climate of SA Varies from warm tropical climate (north) to cold (south)
Amazon Rainforest Northern part of SA, around the Amazon River, deforestation is an environmental concern
Oil related pollution Venezuela, increase in demand for oil leads to an increase in the supply of oil, which in turn is increasing the pollution
Indigenous People The first people to an area, natives
Inca Indigenous people of South America (based in the Andes Mountain)
Francisco Pizzaro Spanish conquistador who conquered the Incas
Simon Bolivar A wealthy Creole who led independence movements in multiple countries in South America beginning in Venezuela; known as the George Washington of South America
Quipu rope system with knotted cords of different lengths and colors, to perform mathematical calculations for the Incan Civilization
Characteristics of the Inca Skilled workers, engineers, accountants, farmers, Terrace farming, quipu, class system/hierarchy, Quechua, built roads, Machu Pichu
Atahualpa Last Incan emperor who was captured and killed by Pizzaro, the Spanish Conquistador
Created by: Ms. Yoo