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The Seven Sacraments

Baptism Explanation: Pouring water on someone's head
Baptism Purpose: Marks entry into the Church; to cleanse someone's sins
Confirmation Explanation: Declaring belief in God and the Church
Confirmation Purpose: To show your faith and promise to live according to God's and the Church's teachings
Eucharist Explanation: (a.k.a. Communion) Part of mass when priest consecrates bread and wine to become the blood and body of Jesus Christ
Eucharist Purpose: To reenact the Last Supper; to be closer to Jesus Christ and recognize his sacrifice
Matrimony Explanation: To get married and blessed by the Church
Matrimony Purpose: To have a formal union in the eyes of the Church
Holy Orders Explanation: Becoming a priest
Holy Orders Purpose: To sacrifice your secular life and become devoted to promoting the teachings of the Church and the well-being of society
Penance Explanation: Confession of sins in order to receive God's forgiveness
Penance Purpose: To get your sins forgiven, so you can still attain salvation
Extreme Unction Explanation: (a.k.a. Last Rites or anointing of the sick) A blessing given to someone in danger of death
Extreme Unction Purpose: To mirror baptism in terms of cleansing a person of their sins before death and ensure their entry into Heaven
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