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Stack #24593

Mod G Unit 2 Words Thompson Institute hbg

Ecchym/o blueish
Erythem/o redness
Edem- , edemat/o swelling
Lumb/o loin , lower back
Hydr/o , hydr/a water
Cry/o cold
Therap/o , therapeut/o treatment or Tx
Electr/o electricity
Encephal/o brain
Graph record; write
BP , B/P blood pressure
ECG , EKG Electrocardiogram
EEG Electroencephalogram
H2O Water
Noc Night
NPO Nothing by mouth
P Pulse
T Temperature
bid Twice a day
qid Four times daily
tid Three times daily
Computer Axial Tomography(CAT scan) series of computer generated cross sections of a structure or organ.
Lumbar puncture Spine Tap
Electroencephalograph(EEG) used to measure electricity activity of the brain.
Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging(MRI) detects abnormalities in white or gray area(cancer)
Patellar reflex Knee-jerk reflex
Hydrocollator Container for hot packs.
Ecchymosis Bruising
Edema Swelling
Erythema Redness over the skin
Spasticity contractions of muscles causing stiff & awkward movements
Cryotherapy therapeutic use of cold
Fomentation hot, wet application
Contraindications inappropriateness of a treatment
Ultrasound Therapy deep heating treatment using ultrasound waves.
Exudates cellular debris
Electro-neuro Stimulation electrical charge to the nerves to stimulate mobility
Galvanic direct current
Denervated nerve supply is blocked or cut off
Degeneration deterioration
Bipolar two poles in electrotherapeutic
Insulator the transmission of electricity
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