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China Q & A

Andrea Vazquez Question and Answer

1.Which belief played an important role in China? Daoism, Confucianism, and Buddhism.
2.What is a Daoism? A Daoism is an ancient Chinese philosophy.
3.How did Daoism begin? Daoism began as a philosophy.
4.What is Buddhism? Buddhism is a religion based on the teaching of the Indian spiritual leader Siddhartha Gautama.
5.How was Buddhism in China? Buddhism entered China during the Han Dynasty.
6.Who did the followers worship? The followers worshiped a Buddha figure named Amitabha.
7.What was the other class of thought? The other class of thought was Chan Buddhism.
8.What was going on by the time of the Tng Dynasty? Buddhism had millions of followers in China by that time.
9.How did people critisize Buddhism? Buddhism was an alien religion.
10.What did they believe? They believed Chinese should be involved in societyand family life.
11.What did criticism lead to? Criticism led to violence persecution.
12.What happened to Buddhism? Buddhism never fully recovered.
13.Where did the opposition come from? Much of the opposition came from the followers of Confucianism.
14.How long did Confucius live for? Confucius lived from 551 to 479 B.C.
15.What was Confucianism based on? Confucianism was based on respect for family and the social order.
16.Confucius said something special, What special thing did Confucius say? He said that the wise ruler governed through moral example rather than force.
17.How did Confucius begin? He began as a practical philosophy.
18.Who continued to study the classic writings of Confucius? The Neo-Confucius continued to study the classic writings of Confucius.
19.Who is Zhu Xi? Zhu Xi was the most famouse Neo-Confucian thinker.
20.What had a great influence on China? The Neo-Confucius had a great influence on China from the Song period onward.
Created by: andreav5