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Chapter 15

Medical Terminology

Albumin Albumin, protein
Calc Calcium
Centesis Surgical puncture to remove fluid
Creatin Creatinine
Glyco Sugar
Graphy Producing a picture or record
Hemat Blood
Lapar Abdomen
Otomy Surgical incision
Phleb Vein
Radi x-rays
Scope Instrument for visual examination
Scopy Visual examination
Son Sound
Uria Urine
Auscultation Listening for sounds with in the body usually with a stethoscope
Glycosuria Presence of glucose in the urine
Hematuria Presence of blood in the urine
Ketonuria Presence of ketones in the urine
Magnetic Resonance Imaging Uses radio waves and magnetic fields to create signals that are converted into images of any plane through the body
Palliative Substance that eases the pain or severity of symptoms of a disease, but does not cure it
Prone Position Patient is lying on the abdomen face down
Rale Abnormal crackle-like lung sound during inspiration
Sims' Position Lying o n the left side with the right knee and thigh drawn up with the left arm placed along the back
Transesophageal Echocardiography Ultrasonic imagining technique used to evaluate the heart structures
Knee-chest position Patient lying face down with hips bent so knees and chest rest on table
Capillary Puncture Technique used when only a small amount of blood is needed as a speciment
Cardiocentesis Removal of pericardial fluid
Adverse drug reaction (side effect) Undesirable section that accompanies the principal response for which the drug was taken
Paradoxial Drug Reaction Result of medical treatment that yields the exact opposite of normally expected results
WBC White blood cell or count
WNL Within normal limits
Wt Weight
X2d Times 2 days
yo Years old
YOB Year of birth
yr Year
ytd Year to dat
Created by: KayleemWhite
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