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gyn/o woman
gynec/o woman
-logist one who studies and treats
endo- within
endocrin/o endocrine
acr/o extremities, height
-megaly enlargement
hyper- above, excessive
glyc/o sugar
-emia in the blood
prostat/o prostate gland
lith/o stone
vas/o vessel, duct
-ectomy excision of
orch/o testis, testicle
-itis inflammation of
adrenal/o adrenal glands
ante- before
part/o give birth to, labor, childbirth
-um no meaning
tubal ligation closure of the uterine tubes for sterilization by tying (ligation)
mast/o breast
pseud/o false
thyr/o thyroid gland
-ism state of
oophor/o ovary
orchid/o testis, testicle
gravid/o pregnancy
salping/o uterine tube
colp/o vagina
spermat/o sperm
peri- surrounding
puerper/o childbirth
Cervical Pertaining to the cervix
Poly- Many
Dips/o Thirst
-ia Diseased or abnormal state, condition of
Neonatologist Physician who studies/treats disorders of a newborn
Menarche Beginning of menstration (age 11-16)
Para- Beside, beyond, around, abnormal
Thyroid/o Thyroid gland
Hyster/o Uterus
-rrhexis Rupture
Multi- Many
Hypo- Below, incomplete, deficient
Prim/i First
-a No meaning
A- Absence of, without
FBS fasting blood sugar
DOB Date of birth
PID pelvic inflammatory disease
LMP last mentrual period
VBAC Vaginal birth after cesarian section
DM Diabetes mellitus
BPH Benign prostatic hyperplasia
TVH total vaginal hyterectomy
TSH thyroid stimulating hormone
STD sexually transmitted disease
D&C dilation and currettage
menorrhagia rapid flow of blood at menstruation
men/o menstuation
-rrhagia rapid flow of blood
balan/o glans penis
-plasty surgical repair
anorchism state of absence of testis
Endocrinologist Physician who studies and treats diabetes
Gynecologist Physician who studies and treats the female reproductive system
OB obstetrics
Acromegaly Enlargement of extremities caused by excess growth hormone
Hyperglycemia Excessive sugar in the blood
Prostatolith Stones in the prostate
Vasectomy Procedure resulting in male sterilization
Mastectomy Surgical removal of a breast
Orchitis Inflammation of the testis or testicle
adrenalectomy excision of adrenal glands
antepartum before childbirth
polydipsia excessive thirst
parathyroidectomy excision of parathyroid glands
salpingo-oophorectomy excision of uterine tube and ovary
prostatectomy excision of the prostate gland
hyterorrhexis rupture of the uterus
multigravida many pregnancies (has been pregnant more than two times)
oophoritis inflammation of the ovary
balanoplasty surgical repair of the glans penis
hypoglycemia deficient sugar in the blood
primigravida first pregnancy
TURP transurethral resection of the prostate
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