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Junko Reformation

Savonarola Italian friar that organized the Bonfire of the Vanities
Erasmus He wrote Praise of Folly which was critical of the Catholic Church
Sir Thomas More He was a Christian Humanist that wrote Utopia
Gutenberg He mass produced the printing press in Europe
Martin Luther He nailed the 95 Theses to the church door in Wittenberg
John Calvin He led a protestant movement in Geneva Switzerland
John Knox He founded the Presbyterian Church in Scotland
Henry VIII He founded the Church of England also known as the Anglican Church
Catherine of Aragon The first wife to be divorced by Henry VIII
Mary Tudor Also known as "Bloody Mary" she burned over 300 protestants at the stake
Julius II Also known as the Warrior Pope
Leo X Pope during Luther's life that sold indulgences to rebuild St. Peters Basilica
Predestination The idea that individuals are chosen to enter heaven by God
Indulgences Certificates that were sold by the church to gain salvation
Charles V He oversaw the Diet of Worms
Nepotism Awarding positions in the church to family members
Simony The selling of church office
Institutes of Christian Religion First systematic vision of protestantism written by John Calvin
Act of Supremacy This act made Henry VIII the head of the Church of England
Anabaptist They believed in adult baptism
Peace of Augsburg This peace gave power to German princes to choose the religion for their subjects
Jesuits Group formed by Ignatius Loyola
Pope Paul III He convened the Council of Trent
Pope Paul IV He created the Index of Forbidden Books
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