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G&I Unific, LA Revos

German & Italian Unification, Revolutions of Latin America

Risorgimento Resurgence Italian nationalists wanted to bring back/wanted the resurgence of the Roman Empire beginning with the establishment of an Italian country.
Congress of Vienna -created the German Confederacy (German states were reduced from 300 to 39) -European were not happy with them when they were reinforcing regional divisions
Conservative conservative monarchies were restored following the end of Napoleon's rule (by the COVienna)
Liberal -some people/ European nations of the post Napoleon era were liberal and did not like conservative monarchies being restored
Revolutions of 1848 -liberal people vs conservative monarchies, monarchies win but the revolutions result in nationalistic tensions
Nationalism -Germany and Italy were both affected/inspired by nationalism (desire to establish a nation through unification)
Giuseppe Mazzini love & passion (the heart) -desired democracy + republicanism -Father of Italian nationalism -led to call for revolution among the people
Monroe doctrine Purpose: save Latin America from European domination -created by President James Monroe
Mercantilism -the criollos were DONE with mercantilism and decided to fight Spain's colonial forces result: independence for multiple countries
Peninsulares -born in Spain -serve Spain, hold gov positions
German Empire -established as a result of the Franco-Prussian War (arranged by Otto Von Bismarck) -ruler: Wilhelm I
German confederacy 39 German States (created by the Congress of Vienna) -were not allowed to fight amongst each other -for foreign war, the confederacy members needed to give consent (one state, by itself, was not allowed to declare war) -Prussia = divided b/c of GC
Count Cavour the brain became friends with France during the Franco-Austrian War (result: end of Austrian rule in Italy) then back stabbed them during the Franco-Prussian War -worked with Garibaldi to bring the South and the North (of Italy) together
Realpolitik Basically achieving a political goal using efficiency, efficacy, and practicality instead of idealism or morality.
Giuseppe Garibaldi the sword military: "red shirts" conquered southern Italy, worked with Count Cavour to bring the South and the North (of Italy) together
Simon Bolivar -Latin American Revolutionary -Freed Bolivia, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador "the Liberator"
Father Miguel Hidalgo -Latin American Revolutionary -Mexico
Toussaint L'Ouverture -Latin American Revolutionary -Haiti
Amerindians -above the enslaved -legal protection = small amount
Mestizos -mix of Spanish and Native American Indian - above full Amerindians and the enslaved
Criollos/creoles -Spanish parents, born in the Americas -could not hold gov positions -lived high standard of living (mine and/ plantation owners)
Wilhelm I Prussian king Later(after the Franco-Prussian War), ruled the German Empire
Otto Von Bismarck -arranged the Franco-Prussian War (thinking that it would German-speakers in defense) -his arrangement led to German Unification -his award: Chancellor
Franco-Prussian War ( for Germany and Italy) - result: German unification/ the German Empire - when Italy took Prussia's side during the Franco-Prussian War, the Pope had to give up the Papal States b/c the French military (that protected the Papal States) was away (fighting in the war)
Created by: Sabrina Akter