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History Midterm

Identifications for History Midterm

What was Catal Huyuk? Neolithic Settlement
When was Catal Huyuk active? 7250-5400
Where was Catal Huyuk? Southern Anatolia
Why was Catal Huyuk important? It was the first city and showed how agriculture can change society
What was the wheel? Circle which helped develop transportation
When was the wheel invented? 3500 BCE
Where was the wheel invented In mesopotamia by Sumerians
Why was the wheel important? It enabled people to haul goods over long distances increasing trade capability
What is caste? Social hierarchy made of varnas and jati
When were castes developed? ~1000 BCE
Where were castes developed? Modern India; the Indus RIver Valley by the Aryans
Why are castes important? Castes still exist in India and deeply influence the lives of Indians; it also helped develop social structure in India; also largely built off of in the Laws of Manu
What was the Zhou State A Chinese dynasty
Where was the Zhou State? Surrounding the Yellow River
When was the Zhou State? 1122 BCE-256 CE
Why was the Zhou State important? Foundation of Chinese thought: Counfucianism, Daoism, Zhou Classics
What is the Yellow River? Fertile River
When did society develop around the Yellow River? ~7,000 BCE
Where is the Yellow River? In China above the Yangtze
Why is the Yellow River important? It was an unpredictable river that had fertile soil which allowed agriculture, states, and dynasties to develop around it
What is Teotihuacan? An agricultural village that turned into a city
When was Teotihuacan? 200 BCE- 750 CE
Where was Teotihuacan? Central America
Why was Teotihuacan important? Pyramid of the Sun is the largest structure in Mesoamerica
What are the Andean highlands? Mountains
When were the Andean highlands settled? ~2,000 BCE
Where are the Andean Highlands? Along the West Coast of South America
Why are the Andean Highlands significant? The hosted many early societies including the Mochica and produced potatoes, llama meat, and alpaca wool
What was Mohenjo-Daro? Major Harappan city
When was Mohenjo-daro? High point 2500-2000 BCE
Where was Mohenjo-daro? Along the Southern portion of the Indus River
Why was Mohenjo-daro important? It was an immense city that had marketplaces, temples, public buildings, residential areas, and traded with other Harappan cities
Who were slaves in Shang China? A significant portion of Chinese population who were mostly warriors captured during battles
Where were slaves in Shang China? Surrounding the Yellow River
When were there slaves in Shang China? 1766-1122 BCE
Why were slaves in Shang China important? They performed hard labor like clearing fields, building walls, and other tasks that required a significant workforce
What is sorghum? Cereal grain
When was sorghum domesticated? 7500 BCE in Mesopotamia and 1000-500 BCE in Africa
Where was sorghum important? Mesopotamia and Africa
Why was sorghum important? It is one of the first domesticated plants
What were oracle bones? Means of telling the future
When were oracle bones used? Shang dynasty 1766-1122 BCE
Why were oracle bones important? Offer a glimpse into the earliest chinese writing
Where were oracle bones used? Yellow River area
Who was Gilgamesh Mesopotamian king
When did Gilgamesh rule? 2750 BCE
Where did Gilgamesh rule? Uruk in Mesopotamia
Why was Gilgamesh important? He is the subject of the oldest ever epic, the Epic of Gilgamesh which revealed much about ancient Mesopotamia
What is the Niger-Congo family? A family of languages
When were Niger-Congo languages spoken? After 4000 BCE
Where were Niger-Congo languages spoken? West Africa
Why is the Niger-Congo family important? Spoken by early Bantu peoples and is still the largest family of languages in west Africa
What was Napata? City in Egypt
When was Napata? 750-590 BCE
Where was Napata? In Ancient Egypt
Why was Napata important? It was a center of political, military, and religious authority
What was the Paleolithic Era? Old Stone age
When was the Paleolithic Era? 12,000 years ago
Why was the paleolithic era important? This was when humans developed, but hunted and gathered
Where was the paleolithic era? Homo sapiens started in Africa and spread using land bridges
Who was Nisa? Khoisan woman
When did Nisa live? Late 20th century
Where did Nisa live? Kalahari desert
Why was Nisa important? Showed that hunting and gathering didn't end thousands of years ago
What is Natufian society? Hunting and gathering society
Where is the Natufian society? The Eastern Mediterranian
What was the last ice age? A period where most water on earth was frozen
When was the last ice age? 20,000 years ago
Where was the last ice age? Earth
Why was the last ice age important? It created land bridges that allowed people to move from continent to continent
What was Nubia? An area containing the Kingdom of Kush
When was Nubia important? 750-664 BCE
Where was Nubia? South of Egypt
Why was Nubia important? Took over Egypt for a time
Who were Israelites? 12 tribes of Hebrews
Where were Israelites? Settles in Palestine (Israel)
When were Israelites important? 1000-930 BCE
Why were Israelites important? Built Jerusalem and dominated the Syrian/Sinai penninsula
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