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Dzendz Rome Republic

Terms associated with the Roman Republic VA SOL

Aeneas Legendary founder of Rome; A Trojan who escaped the Greeks in the Trojan Wars
Romulus and Remus Legendary founders of Rome; raised by a she-wolf and farmer, over threw tyrant kings of the Latins; established Rome after Remus' death
Latins The people who settled the central part of the Italian Peninsula; speak the Latin language; War like
Greeks Colonies were settled in Southern Italy and Sicily; lend the ideas of democracy, architecture, and culture to Latins
Etruscans The people who settled in Northern Italy who were skilled metal artisans and had a love for violence
Tiber River River upon which Rome is founded on
Forum The heart of Rome where the government meets and laws are established
Senate Central law making body of Rome; made up of mostly patricians and hold the office for life
Assemblies Larger, open forum part of the Roman government where individuals can express concerns to the government; made up of individuals from all over Roman territories
Consuls Elected officials by the Senate; 2 members over see the military and the other the laws of Rome (Executive)
Tribunes 10 individuals elected to defend and check the power of the Senate from unfair laws set against Plebeians
Carthage Phoenician colony in North Africa; trade empire across the Mediterranean; became the opponent of the Roman Republic
Punic Wars Wars between Carthage and the Roman Republic; won by Rome and greatly expanded their power and influence
Hannibal Great general for Carthage in the Second Punic Wars; crossed the Alps to surprise Rome and attack with 37 elephants; spent 14 years in Italy
Scipio General who defeats Hannibal in North Africa.
Zama Battle where Hannibal was defeated
Alps Mountains North of Italy and protects the peninsula from greater invasions
Cannae Battle where the Roman Republic lost the most soldiers in one day to the hands of Hannibal
Tiberius and Gaius Gracchus Plebeian politicians who made land reforms to help the poor classes of Rome
Marius Roman general and consul who made changes to the Roman legions allowing the poor and landless to join
Sulla Tyrant and dictator of Rome after a Civil War with Marius; created further Reforms to add more plebeian say into government
The Triumvirate Three politicians who gain control of the Roman Republic; seeking their own fortune and fame
Julius Caesar Will be the King for Life of Rome; honored general and smart politician
Pompey Great general and celebrity of Rome; became a consul as part of the Triumvirate and loses a Civil War to Caesar
Crassus The wealthy politician of the Triumvirate but was a poor general
Cleopatra Young beautiful Pharaoh of Egypt; won a civil war with Caesars help, she has his child; loves Pompey and commits suicide
Brutus Lead conspirator of the assassination of Julius Caesar
Ides of March Day in which Caesar was assassinated; he was warned to avoid this day
Rhine River River that is in the north West in Europe making a boundary for the Republic and Empire
Danube River River that is in the North East in Europe and making it a boundary of the Republic and Empire
Gaul Location in Europe where Caesar conquered the people and claimed the territory for the Republic; modern day France
Plebeian Lower classes of Rome; 70% of the population; not all poor just not as much as higher class
Patrician High class of Rome; wealthy land owners (plantations) who owned most slaves; control most of the government
Legion The 5000 man unit of the Roman army
Centurion Elite trainer and leader in the legion who trains the legion on how to soldier
Twelve Tables Law code in Rome; listed in the Forum as the original laws of Rome
Created by: nadzendz