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Lesson 4 Vocab by Lm

Ch.9 Lesson 4 Vocab

Christianity A religion based on the teachings of Jesus, as recorded in the New Testament.
New Testamant The second part of the Christian Bible, containing descriptions of the lifeand teachings of Jesus and of his early followers.
Messiah A latin term meaning "son of god" and a leader the Jewish people belive wil be sent to Earth by god to guide them and help to set up gods teachings in the world. Jesus is the Messiah to the Christian faith.
Parable A simple that contains a message or truth.
Apostle One of Jesus's 12 closest followers, chosen by him to help him teach.
Bishop A church offical who leads a lage group of Christians in a particular religon.
Pope The bishop or leader of the church in Rome and is the head of the Roman Catholic Church.
Jesus Religious leader and founder of Christianity.
Peter One of the 12 apostles of Jesus, considered by the Roman Catholics to be the Pope or Bishop.
Paul Follower of Jesus who helped to spread Chistianity through the Roman Empire.
Judea The land in the Eastern Mediterranean region populated by Jews at the time of the Roman empire.
Bethlehem A small town South of Jerusalem where Jesus is said to have been born.
Nazareth A small town in Northern Judea where, according to the New Testament, Jesus grew up.
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