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The Ottoman Empire ruled ____ for more than 600 years. much of the eastern Mediterranean world
Which statement about the Christian Bible is accurate? It includes ancient Hebrew writings.
____ is the ancient capital of the Israelites. Jerusalem
The region’s population is growing quickly through improved health care and a high birthrate.
Which three tectonic plates come together in the region? African, Arabian, Eurasian
The ancient ____ is the route of a communications superhighway. Silk Road
North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia hold what percentage of the world’s oil reserves? 70 percent
The “great man-made river” carries freshwater across Turkey.
Deserts cover almost ____ of North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia. 50 percent
Yemen is located on the ____ Peninsula. Arabian
New oil reserves have been found in Egypt, in the Gaza Strip, under the Caspian Sea
An oil reserve is an available supply of oil
The GDP of many countries in the region depends on oil and petroleum, service industries, tourism
____ uses a system of human-made canals to transport freshwater from the Jordan River. Israel
Which mountain range extends across Morocco and Algeria? Atlas Mountains
The majority of Iran’s Muslims are Shiite Muslims.
The ____ is the largest landlocked body of salt water in the world. Caspian Sea
____ in North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia. Early people domesticated animals Many Muslims today live Many ancient cultures arose
The infrastructures of many cities in the region are strained by the rapid increase in population. add to disease and poverty. do not adequately support the people who live there.
The term ethnic diversity refers to differences in customs, languages, and beliefs.
The five pillars of Islam include helping the poor and traveling to Makkah
Why is tourism popular in this region? The region has religious and cultural importance.
Saudi Arabia is dependent upon other countries for agricultural products.
About ____ of Egypt’s people live on 3 percent of its land. 90 percent
The ____ separate the Arabian Peninsula from Africa. Red Sea and the Gulf of Aden
The ____ want an independent state of their own in the West Bank and Gaza Strip areas. Palestinians
Limited freshwater resources have forced countries to use the process of desalination
In 2001, ____ was targeted for sheltering terrorists. Afghanistan
Afghanistan’s Taliban leaders were criticized internationally for human rights abuses and sheltering terrorists.
A ____ climate receives an average of 10 inches (25 cm) of rain or less per year. desert
The Aswan High Dam prevents ____ soil from reaching the Nile Delta. alluvial
What does the name Mesopotamia mean? “land between two rivers”
Oil well fires ____ during the Persian Gulf War. threatened millions of birds destroyed millions of gallons of oil were set by Iraqi soldiers
Runoff from infrequent rainstorms creates ____ in the desert. wadis
In which country is Earth’s longest river located? Egypt
People have farmed the Tigris-Euphrates River valley for about ____ years. 7,000
The Aswan High Dam is located on the ____ River. Nile
Most of the people in North Africa, Southwest Asia, and Central Asia live along seacoasts and rivers
Which statement about housing in this region is not true? Some people live without electricity or water.
When did this region begin producing oil? after World War II
The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers run through Syria, Turkey, and Iraq.
The economy of ____ suffers when oil prices drop. ALL
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