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Drug Prevention

Drug A substance other than food that changes the structure or function of your body or mind
Over The Counter (OTC) Drugs Drugs you can buy without a doctor's permission
Prescription Drugs Drugs you can only buy with a doctor's appproval
Vaccines Preporations of dead or weakened gems that cause the immune system to produce antibodies
Antibiotics Drugs that kill or stop the growth of certain germs
Side Effect Any unwanted reaction from a drug
Tolerance When the body becomes used to the effects of the drug and requires greater amounts of it to get the same effects
Misuse Not taking medicines the way the doctor ordered
Abuse Using drugs in a way that is unhealthy or illegal
Cancer A serious disease caused by an uncontrolled growth of cells
Emphysema A disease that occurs when the tiny air sacs in the lungs are damaged or destroyed
Secondhand Smoke Tobbaco smoke in the air that os breathed by non-smokers
Snuff Finely-ground tobacco that is held in the mouth
Alcohol A depressant drug that is produced by a chemical reaction in some foods and that has powerful effects on the body
FAS A group of mental and physical problems caused by alcohol
Cirrhosis The desruction and scarring of liver tissue
Addiction A physical or mental need for a drug or other substace
Stimulants Drugs that spped up the body's functions
Depressants Drugs that slow down the body's functions and reactions
Narcotics Drugs that relive pain
Hallucinogens Illegal drugs that cause the user's brain to distort real images and hear things that are not real
Flashbacks Delayed effects
Inhalants Substances whose fumes are breathed in to give the effect of hallucinogens
Marijuana An illegal drug made from the hemp plant
Anabolic Steriods Synthetic drugs based on the male hormone called testosterone
Physical Dependence The body needs the drug to function
Mental Dependence The person belives he or she needs the drug to feel good
Withdrawal A series of painful and mental symptoms
Alcoholism Addiction to alcohol
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