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Theme two

What are the 3 types of relationships? Superficial, in-between and intimate
What are the 3 guidelines for communicating with family members? Listen to each other, don't create unnecessary conflict and say what you mean in a respectful and tactful way
What is birth order? Birth order is the term that is used for children's position in a family- oldest, middle, youngest and only child
When a person looses a job, the stress comes over trying to do what? Paying bills, having little money available for recreation and the uncertainty of not knowing how long the person will be unemployed
What are some challenges to settling into a new country? Finding a place to live, shopping, transportation, school, medical care, language skills, a new culture and sadness of separation of family members who remain in the country of origin
What is the most common reasons people get a divorse? Money, poor communication, infidelity, lack of commitment to the marriage
What are 6 examples of challenges in friendships? Changing friendships, changing groups, balancing family and friends, moving, bullying and peer pressure
What is peer pressure? It is pressure being put on someone to do something, whether its good or bad
What are the 2 examples of changes in friendships? People develop different interests and discover they don't relate to each other like they use to
What do friends during adolescence provide young people with? Emotional support, opportunities for independence and opportunities to learn about interacting with others
What characteristics do you need for a healthy relationship? Respect, loyalty and personal interest
When do family members need each other? When a parent is unemployed and when they have financial difficulties
What causes family stress? Financial difficulties
What challenges do young people face when moving to a new school? You have to leave your friends behind and make new ones
What is an extended family? One that includes relatives other than parents and children
What is a foster family? One of which a person or married couple provide care for one or more children whose one family is unable to look after them
What is a single parent family? A family with only one parent
What is a nuclear family? A family that consists of parents and children
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