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(Mooresville) WWII

(Mooresville) World War II

Dictator of Germany during WWII Hitler
Dictator of the Soviet Union during WWII Stalin
Dictator of Italy during WWII Mussolini
Government in power during WWII Nazi
Invasion of this country started WWII Poland
Word that meant "living space"...Hitler's reason for conquering more territory Lebensraum
Battle where Hitler attacked England with bombing raids, but Londoners defended themselves with blackouts Britian
Battle where the French troops had to be rescued by British naval vessels....France fell to the Germans. Dunkirk
Battle that was the turning point in the Pacific... the Japanese hoped that it would be a surprise attack but the Americans had broken Japanese codes Midway
This attack by the Japanese would bring the Americans into the war. Pearl Harbor
Hitler betrayed one if his largest allies with this invasion Soviet Union
Battle where the Russian weather and resistance proved to be one of Hitlers greatest defeats on the Eastern Front Stalingrad
First Japanese city to be bombed by the Americans Hiroshima
Second Japanese city to be bombed by the Americans Nagasaki
Hitler's last push in the west...tried to break Allied defenses but was defeated Bulge
Allied amphibian invasion in France...an attempt to secure a foothold in Europe Normandy
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