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Giattino - Rome


Republic a form of government where people elect representatives.
The 12 Tables Providing political and social rights for the plebeians.
Roman Innovations Roads, aqueducts, stadiums, amphitheaters, the arch
Roman Senate led the Roman Empire. They made the laws for the republic.
Roman Law There was equal treatment under the law in Rome and people were considered innocent until proved guilty when accused of a crime.
Rome's 1st Emperor Octavian. Rome expanded
Pax Romana the Peace of Rome
Reasons for the Fall of Rome grown too large. tax problems and couldn’t raise enough money to keep the roads from crumbling. Slavery, corrupt generals, civil wars, and economic problems
Constantinople Created Constantinople. Legalized Christianity in the Byzantine empire
Constantinople became a leading center of trade
Justinian's Code Laws of Byzantine Empire
Two churches The church in the east was called Eastern Orthodox. The church in the west was called Roman Catholic
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