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Ch 15 & 14

Integumentary and Musculoskeletal systems

-opsy to view
carcin cancer
cry/o cold
surg operate
-ery process
cutane/o skin
-us pertaining to
integument covering of the body
-ary pertaining to
pro- forward
sens to feel
-ation process
-ancy state of
malign harmful
melan/o black
meta- beyond
stasis stagnate, stay in one place
adip fat
-ose condition
coll/a glue
-gen producing
follicle small sac
esthet sensation
prurit itch
topic local
axilla armpit
cortex outer covering
medulla middle
onych/o nail
myc fungus
-ia condition
allo- other
homo- same, alike
auto- self
gener produce
xeno- foreign
hetero- different
abrasion scrape
chir/o hand
pract efficient
muscul/o muscle
orth/o straight
ped child
radi/o radiation, x-rays
marrow pit, lake
-blast build up
-clast break down
-genesis creation
-genic producing
por/o opening
chondr/o cartilage
-plasia formation
-malacia softening
myel/o bone marrow, spinal cord
sarc flesh
traction to pull
articul joint
duct lead
extension stretch out
flexion to bend
degenerat deteriorate
phalang/e phalanx
carp/o bones of the wrist
fascia sheet of fibrous connective tissue
striation stripe
mitt to send
sprain a wrench or tear in a ligament
strain overstretch or tear in a muscle or tendon
coccyx tailbone
brachi/o arm
insert put together
erg/o/nom/ic pertaining to work law
pronate to bend forward
supinate face up
thenar palm
amput cut, prune
con/tract/ure process to draw together
fluor/o x-ray beam
necr/o death
prosthesis addition
fibula small of the two bones of the lower leg
patella kneecap
popliteal fossa hollow at the back of the knee
tibia larger bone of the low leg
tars flat surface
podiatry treatment of the foot
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