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6th SS - Chapter 8

Chapter 8: The Ancient Americas

land bridge strip of land that connected two larger landmasses
Beringia land bridge that connects Asia and Alaska
Middle America region that is present-day Southern Mexico and Central America
how many years ago did the glaciers melt 10,000 years ago
mountain ranges in North America Rocky mountains and Appalachian mountains
rain forest forest that receives more than 80 inches of rain a year
tropical area of Earth that is near the equator
slash and burn farming method involving the cutting of tees, then burning them to provide ash-enriched soil for the planting of crops
La Venta major center of Olmec culture
Olmec word meaning people of the rubber country
Olmec people lived in lush rain forests along the west coast of the Gulf of Mexico over 3,000 years ago
Maya people lived in the southern part of Middle America around 1,000 BC
classic period a high point of cultural achievement for a civilization
sacrifice a gift or offering made to a god, usually an animal or a human
Maize corn
glyph a writing symbol, often carved into stone, that stands for an object or a sound
stela a tall, flat stone often carved with writing, used to mark an important historical event
pit houses a structure dug 2 to 3 feet into the ground where the ancient Hohokam lived
Hohokam word meaning those who have vanished
Hohokam people lived in the Tuscon Basin in Arizona around 300 BC
adobe brick made from clay mixed with straw and left out in the hot desert sun to bake
pueblos adobe houses
Mesa Verde largest pueblo city
kivas pit structures used for religious ceramonies
dry farming technique for growing crops in an area with limited rainfall
supernova exploding star
theory an idea that has not been yet proved
Adena people lived in Ohio region around 200 BC
Hopewell people lived between Appalachian mountains and Mississippi River
Anasazi people lived in the American southwest region around 2,000 years ago
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