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World War I

a large airship used by Germans for bombing raids Zeppelin
In trench warfare, the name of the empty space between the two opposing sides' front lines No Man's Land
a competition between counties to see who can create the most powerful weapons militarism
these countries formed the Triple Alliance Germany, Austria-Hungary, Italy
used for the first time in WW1 and could carry 3 men and travel about 3 mph tanks
gave Germany the blame for starting the war Treaty of Versailles
agreements between countries to help each other in a time of need alliances
used in trenches to protect men from incoming bullets sandbags
established to protect world peace in the future; and assembly of all nations League of Nations
pride in one's country nationalism
these countries formed the Triple Entente Britain, France, Russia
fights between two planes dogfights
building an empire by taking over other countries imperialism
his assassination was said to be the event that started WW1 Archduke Franz Ferdinand
This type of gas was the most deadly weapon and when fired in trenches caused vomiting, blistering skin, sore eyes, and internal bleeding mustard gas
caused from standing in water in the trenches for long periods of time trenchfoot
Germans relied on them, using torpedoes to blow up ships carrying supplies to Britain submarines
the line of fighting between Russia, German and Austria and was located on the eastern side of Europe the Eastern Front
American troops joined to fight with which troops in 1918? British and French`
It was put in front of trenches as a barricade barbed wire
the American president during WW1 that proposed the 14-point plan Woodrow Wilson
the passenger liner topedoed by Germany in 1915 Lusitania
race between Germany and Britain even before WW1 naval race
mainly a trench warfare system The Western Front
name given to fighting that took place along the border between Italy and Austria the Italian Front
Name used to refer to the key areas of fighting in a war theatres of war
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