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Ancient India

Hinduism believe that every living thing has a soul, which comes from the creator and that people’s souls live on after death, and that all living things can be reborn.
Buddhism the belief of being enlightened—a state of heightened wisdom that happens by putting aside one’s own selfish desires, and escape the cycle of rebirth to find peace and happiness in Nirvana.
climate s the average weather usually taken over a 30-year time period for a particular region and time period.
Harappa one of the Indus River Valley cites that was very well planned out and was know for trade as far away as Mesopotamia.
Himalayas The tallest mountains in the world. They form the northern boundaries of India.
landform is any natural formation of rock and dirt, found on Earth. They can be as large as a mountain range, or as small as a hill. It can be as large as a continent, or as small as a pond
Mahenjo Daro is an archaeological site in present day Pakistan. Built around 2500 BCE, it was one of the largest settlements of the ancient Indus Valley .
monsoon winds bring seasonal rains to India.
subcontinent is part of a continent but is considered either geographically or politically as an independent entity. A large landmass, such as Greenland, that is smaller than a continent.
nirvana Hindus and Buddhists believe that this is a state of happiness without change or pain.
Aryans were warriors that first appeared in northern India about 1500 BCE. Most were nomadic cattle herders, who occasionally practiced slash-and-burn agriculture.
caste system is a life-long social group into which a Hindu is born.
vedas the ancient stories, poems, etc., that were written into text around 500BCE
Indus Valley Civilizations an advanced civilization that developed about 3000 BCE and flourished for about 1500 years before mysteriously going into a period of decline.
Empire a group of people from different geographic areas ruled by a strong leader or central government.
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