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Lymphatic system - M

Lymphatic system - Guyton

List the Lymphatic Pathway in order. lymphatic capillary>lymphatic vessel>lymph node>lymphatic vessel>lymphatic trunk>collecting duct>subclavian vien
of the total filtrated capillary fluid how much does the lymphic vessels transport? one-tenth
How does the lymphatic vessels take up fluid and particles? Through a valve that is only open for intransportation. The vessels are attached to the surrounding tissue and because of that they don't collapse.
What is one of the lymphatic pathways? lymphatic capillaries
Compare and contrast the lymphatic and circulatory systems. The lymphatic and circulatory system is the same bc it contains a network of vessels that assist in circulating body fluids. Circulatory-blood:is pumped:visible:filtered by kidneys Lymphatic-Lymphs:NOT pumped:invisible:filtered by lymph nodes
How does the lymphatic pump work? Increased fluid in lymphatic vessels->Constriction of smooth muscle around the vessels.
What is one of the lymphatic system's jobs? absorbs fats
what is the lymph? tissue fluid
What does tissue fluid deliver? Nutrients,oxygen,and hormones required by the cells
what does tissue fluid collect and carries away? cellular waste products
what Percent of the tissue fluid returns to the capillary bed? ninety
lymph is what percent of the tissue fluid that is left behind? ten
What is the lymph nodes other function? monitor body fluids (surveillance) provided by lymphocytes and macrophages
How does lymph move? Lymph flows in an open circuit from the tissues into lymphatic vessels
What is the function of the lymph node? filter potentially harmful particles from lymph before returning it to the bloodstream
what is the size of the lymph node less that one inch
What does the lymph node contain? The inside of the lymph node is divided into lymph nodules
What are Lymphocytes? lymph nodes along with red bone marrow are centers for lymphocyte production.These cells attack the invading viruses, bacteria, and other parasitic cells that come into the node.
What are Macrophages? engulf and destroy foreign substances, damaged cells, and cellular debris.
Explain the thymus A soft, bilobed structure anterior to the aortic arch.Is larger in children than in adults.Mainly responsible for producing a hormone called thymosin that helps with the maturation of T lymphocytes
Explain the spleen The largest lymphatic organ. Located in the left portion of the abdominal cavity, inferior to the diaphragm, and posterior and lateral to the stomachMacrophages that line the spleen help to filter blood (damaged RBC’s) and cellular debris.
what are the Peyer's Patchers? found in the wall of the small intestine
What an go wrong with the immune system? Oedema - swelling caused by too much fluid in the tissues
What is the main organ in the Lymphatic System? lymph nodes
Created by: Malekian