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Inspiration Inhalation of O2 rich air
Expiration expulsion of air
Diaphragm cheif mucsle of respiration
Hyperpnea increase depth, rate of respiration
Apnea temporary cessation of breathing
Dyspnea difficultly labored breathing
Asthma spasms of muscles of the bronchial
Pheumonia infection/ inflammation of the lungs
Epistaxis nosebleeds
Bounding full strong pulse
Thread Weak pulse
Hypotension low blood pressure
Hypertension High blood pressure
Systolic The top BP number
Diastolic The bottom BP number
Pulmonary function test measure amount of air inhaled and exhaled
Hay fever allergic rhinitis
Rales crackling sound heard in lungs
Pulmonologist Dr that specializes in the lungs
Cilia hair like projections found in the lungs
Pharynx throat
Larynx voice box
Trachea wind pipe
Alveoli tiny air sacs in the lungs
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