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Microcirculation M

Microcirculation - Guyton

How does the transport over capillary membrane occure? Through intercellular cleft (glucose, Na,Cl), diffusion (through the cell membrane O2,Co2) and ((vesicle transport)).
What is the difference between capillaries in brain, liver, kidney and gi canal? Brain has more tight junctions->only small molecules enters(O2,Co2, H2O), Liver cleft is wide open->plasma protiens can enter, kidney (glomerular)->fenestrae allow tremendous amount of small and ionic substances to pass through (but not plamsa protiens.
What is vasomotion? Turning the sphincter on and off in arterioles and metarterioles produces a acountinuously flow.
How is vasomotion regulated? Low [O2]->longer duration and higher frequency on vasomotion.
What is the meaning of average function of capillary system? That we have 1)average rate of blood flow and capillary pressure 2)Average rate of transport through the capillaries.
What is diffusion? Diffusion is a result from thermal motion of fluid and dissolved substances in the fluid.
What is the interstitum? The space between the cells. And the fluid is called interstitial fluid.
What do we have between the cells in the intersitium? We have 1) collagen fibers->tensional strenght 2)proteoglycans->fluid cant flow thorough.
What is the gel in the interstitium? Its the filtered fluid from capillaries. It has almost the same constituents as plasma but has less protiens.
Why does 99% of the fluid diffuse in the interstitium? Because of proteoglycans. In edema the fluid flow instead of diffusing because of the higher concentration of water.
The filtration through the capillaries is determined by? 1)hydrostatic pressure 2)colloid pressure 3)capillary filtration coefficiens.
Describe the starling forces. 1) Pc, capillary pressure 2)Pif - interstitial pressure 3)colloid osmotic pressure 4)interstitial fluid colloid osmotic pressure.
What is the net filtration pressure? Ntp=outward - inward= net outward pressure
Created by: Malekian