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World History Unit 2

Ch. 14-15 terms

A group of islands in eastern Indonesia; was the center of the spice trade in the 1500's and 1600's Molucas
Who led the way in sponsoring exploration for Portugal? Prince Henry
Portuguese navigator, who led 4 ships around the Cape of Good Hope Vasco da Gama
Who discovered America in 1492? Christopher Columbus
Line set by the Treaty of Tordesillas dividing non-European world into two zones, one controlled by Spain and the other by Portugal Line of Demarcation
Treaty signed between Spain and Portugal in 1494 which divided the non-European world between them Treaty of Tordesillas
Minor Portuguese nobleman who set out from Spain to find a way to the Pacific Ferdinand Magellan
To travel around the world Circumnavigate
East African coastal cities Mombasa and Malindi
Large estate run by an owner or overseer and worked by laborers who live there Plantation
Ruler of Kongo in west-central Africa, was against slave trade Affonso I
Someone sent to do religious work in a territory or foreign country Missionary
Kingdom that emerged in the 1700's in present-day Ghana and was active in the slave trade Asante Kingdom
Military leader who won control of the trading city of Kumasi Osei Tutu
Complete control of a product or business by one person or group Monopoly
Yoruba empire that arose in the 1600's in present-day Nigeria and dominated its neighbors for a hundred years Oyo Empire
Seaport city and legislative capital of South Africa; first Dutch colony in Africa Cape Town
Dutch people who settled in Cape Town, Africa, and eventually migrated inland Boers
Portuguese leader who led Portuguese into the Indian Ocean Afonso de Albuquerque
Muslim empire that ruled most of northern India from the mid-1500's to the mid-1700's; also known as the Mogul or Mongol empire Mughal Empire
A state in western India; formerly a coastal city that was made the base of Portugal's Indian trade Goa
A state and coastal city in SW Malaysia, was an early center of the spice trade Malacca
A distant military station or a remote settlement Outpost
A trading company established by the Netherlands in 1602 to protect and expand its trade in Asia Dutch East India Company
Having full, independent power Sovereign
A country in SE Asia made up of several thousand islands Philippines
Indian soldier who served in an army set up by the French or English trading companies Sepoy
Brilliant Jesuit priest in China Matteo Ricci
People originally from Manchuria, north of China, who conquered the Ming dynasty and ruled China as the Qing dynasty from the mid-1600's to the early 1900's Manchus
Dynasty established by the Manchus in the mid 1600's and lasted until the early 1900's; China's last dynasty Qing Dynasty
Kangxi's grandson who had very successful reign in the Qing dynasty Qianlong
Head of a diplomatic mission to China, brought goods to discuss trade Lord Macartney
A coastal city in southern Japan on the island of Kyushu; city in Japan where the second atomic bomb was dropped in August, 1945 Nagasaki
Spanish explorers who claimed lands in the Americas for Spain in the 1500's and 1600's Conquistador
Natural protection, resistance Immunity
City that dominated the Valley of Mexico from about A.D. 200 to A.D. 750 and that influenced the culture of later meso-american peoples Teotihuacan
Formal agreement between two or more nations or powers to cooperate and come to one another s defense Alliance
Aztec emperor who thought Spanish leader was a god Moctezuma
One of the earliest conquistadors who was a landowner in Cuba Hernan Cortes
Indian woman who served as a translator andadvisor for Cortes Malinche
Conquered Peru for their riches Francisco Pizarro
War fought between two groups of people in the same nation Civil War
Representative who ruled one of Spain's provinces in the Americas in the king's name; one who governed in India in the name of the British monarch Viceroy
Right the Spanish government granted to its American colonists to demand labor or tribute from Native Americans Encomienda
Worker forced to labor for a landlord in order to pay off a debt Peon
A bold priest who condemned the evils of the encomienda system Bartholome de Las Casas
Member of the highest class in Spain's colonies in the Americas Peninsulare
Person in Spain's colonies in the Americas who was an American-born descendant of Spanish settlers Creole
Person in Spain's colonies in the Americas who was of Native American and European descent Mestizo
In Spain's colonies in the Americas, person who was of African and European descent Mulatto
Privately owned ship commissioned by a government to attack and capture enemy ships, especially merchant's ships Privateer
French possessions in present-day Canada from the 150's to 1763 New France
Money taken in through taxes Revenue
English Protestants who rejected the Church of England Pilgrims
An agreement among people Compact
War between Britain and France in the Americas that happened from 1754 to 1763; it was part of a global war called the Seven Years' War French and Indian War
Treaty of 1763 that ended the Seven Years' War and resulted in British dominance of the Americas Treaty of Paris
Colonial trade routes among Europe and its colonies, the West Indies, and Africa in which goods were exchanged for slaves Triangular Trade
The leg of the triangular trade route on which slaves were transported from Africa to the Americas Middle Passage
Revolt, especially of soldiers or sailors against their officers Mutiny
The global exchange of goods, ideas, plants and animals, and disease that began with Columbus' exploration of the Americas Colombian Exchange
Economic cycle that involves a rapid rise in prices linked to a sharp increase in the amount of money available Inflation
Period in European history when inflation rose rapidly Price Revolution
Economic system in which the means of production are privately owned and operated for profit Capitalism
Person who assumes financial risk in the hope of making a profit Entrepreneur
Policy by which a nation sought to export more than it imported in order to build its supply of gold and silver Mercantilism
Tax on imported goods Tariff
Spain; Discovered Florida and built oldest settlement on Puerto Rico Ponce de Leone
England; Tries to find a northwest passage to Asia Henry Hudson
France; Found St. Lawrence River Jacques Cartier
Portugal; Claimed Brazil for Portugal Pedro Cabral
China; Sent on voyages to other countries Zheng He
Spain; He mapped and named America, first to call it a new continent Amerigo Vespucci
Spain; Found the Mississippi Hernando Desoto
Funded voyages for Spain King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
New Spanish Colonies New Spain
God, Glory, Gold 3 G's
Spanish explorer who heard stories about the Seven Cities of Gold and set out to find them. Explored American Southwest (New Mexico and Arizona) Fransisco Coronado
Group of ships Caravel
Brutal! Treatment of Natives
Spain, Crossed Panama and sees Pacific Ocean Vasco Nunez de Balboa
Portugal; Rounded Cape of Good Hope Bartolomeu Dias
Spain; Portugal; Reached Bahamas 4 times thought it was India Christopher Columbus
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