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Surg Tech Quiz 4

Fundamental Knowledge - I. Basic Sciences - D. Pharmacology and Anesthesia

A drug that interferes with the blood-clotting mechanism is heparin
An mg is a measurement of weight
The solutions used intravenously to replace plasma when plasma is not available is Dextran
An inch equals 2.54cm
How many milliliters are in 1 ounce 30mL
One gram equals 1,000mg
a drug used to increase blood pressure is epinephrine
The action of an anticholinergic drug is to reduce secretions
The total volume in a 30-cc syringe is 1 ounce
Naloxone (Narcan) is an example of a/an narcotic antagonist
Avitene is a hemostatic agent
An absorbable gelatin hemostatic agent that is often soaked in thrombin or epinephrine solution is Gelfoam
Each of the following agents must be applied using dry gloves or instruments EXCEPT: Gelfoam, Collastat, Avitene, Helistat Gelfoam
An anticoagulant given subcutaneously, intravenously or as a flush is heparin
A drug that decreases the tendency of blood platelets to clot is Warfarin Sodium
An antibiotic used intraoperatively is Gentamicin
A topical antibiotic is Bacitracin
Which item is used on cut edges of bone to seal off oozing of blood Bone wax
The most common diuretic is Lasix
An osmotic diuretic agent used to decrease cerebral edema and intraocular edema is mannitol
A systemic agent used to control uterine hemorrhage is pitocin
Steroids are used for Reduction of tissue inflammation and swelling
Solu-Medrol is a(n) anti-inflammatory
Tubal patency may be tested by the installation of _______ into the uterine cavity. Methylene blue
A mydriatic drug, Meo-Synephrine, is used to dilate the pupil
Immobility of the eye, along with lowered intra-ocular pressure is facilitated by the use of Retrobulbar block
Miochol is a(n) miotic
An agent that keeps the cornea moist during surgery and is used for irrigation as well is BSS (Balanced Salt Solutions)
An artificial plasma-volume expander is dextran
An anticoagulant used in vascular surgery is heparin
Heparin effects are reversed by protamine sulfate
The universal donor blood that may be given in extreme emergencies until the patient can by typed and crossmatched is O
Normal saline is used for laparotomy pack moistening and for intraperitoneal irrigation because it is isotonic
Levophed Restores and maintains blood pressure
A drug used to treat metabolic acidosis is Sodium Bicarbonate
The last sensation to leave the patient during general anesthesia induction is hearing
An ultrashort acting drug useful during intubation to produce paralysis and also to produce muscle relaxation when used in a dilute solution is Anectine
Neuroleptoanalgesia combines a tranquilizer and narcotic
A sedative-tranquilizer used to reduce anxiety and apprehension of the pre-op patient and as an adjunct to general anesthesia to reduce the amount and concentration of other more potent agents is Valium
An antimuscarinic does what limits salivation
Anesthesia given in a combination of several agents to obtain optimum results is called balanced anesthesia
A bolus is A dose injected all at once, intravenously
A drug used to sooth and relieve anxiety is a(n) Sedative
A Bier block provides anesthesia to a distal portion of an extremity
Which inhalation agent is used for short procedures requiring no muscle relaxation Nitrous oxide
The most frequently used barbiturate for intravenous anesthesia is pentothal
Halothane is also called Fluothane
A method of anesthesia in which medication is injected into the subarachnoid space, affecting a portion of the spinal cord, is called a spinal block
The indication for an epidural would be Anorectal, vaginal, perineal, and obstetric procedures
Compazine is an antiemetic
Pontocaine is tetracaine HCl
Which technique can be employed to prevent pain during an operative procedure or to relieve chronic pain Nerve block
The most widely used local anesthetic is Lidocaine
Another name for adrenalin is Epinephrine
A vasoconstrictor that, when added to a local anesthetic agent, extends its life is Epinephrine
the purpose of an LMA is to establish and maintain a patent airway
A drug used to reverse hypotension is Levophed
Blood or fluid can be quickly delivered to a patient via Rapid infusion pump
Blood oxygenation can be monitored during surgery by means of a(n) pulse oximeter
A drug that could be used to reverse the effect of muscle relaxants is Prostigmin
Arterial blood gases (ABGs) are commonly obtained by accessing the radial artery
Which piece of equipment is of extreme importance when anesthesia induction begins suction
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