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Western Civilization

Monarch A ruler, like a king, queen, or emperor
Loyal Faithful and true to one's country or to a person.
Nationalism Love of one's nation; patriotism
Reign The rule of a march, or to rule as a king, queen, or emperor
Fleet A group of warship, under one command
Galleon A large Spanish sailing ship of long ago, having many desks
Annul To cancel; to make something on longer binding under law
Parliament England; body of lawmakers
King Philip ll He was form Spain, he sent his Armada to England, went to war with England, and he was a anti- protestant
Henry lV Was form France, he was a protestant king who converted to Catholicism brought peace to France
King Edward Vl Was form England, he was Henry Vlll only son, and he was called "The Boy King"
Henry Vlll Was form England, he had 6 wives and he also stated the church of England
Queen Mary Was form England, King Henry Vlll oldest daughter, wanted England to be catholic
Queen Elizabeth Was form England, daughter of Henry Vlll and Anne Boleyn queen during the time of Shakespeare.
Created by: jtaylor19