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Alexis SocStdy Exam

Alexis Social Study Exam

Who painted the Mona Lisa and the Last Supper? Leonardo da Vinci
The exchange of goods such as food and animals between the Americas and Europe is called what? The Colombian Exchange
To sail all the way around the world? Circumnavigate
What explorer wanted to get to Asia by sailing west Christopher Columbus
Portuguese explorer who travel around the Cape of Good Hope? Ferdinand Magellan
The intellectual movement that renewed the interest in the arts, social, scientific, and political ideas of ancient Rome and Greece. Renaissance
An economic system systems in which a country uses colonies to obtain raw materials to make new products. The colonies would also serve a new markets that could trade only with the ruling country. Mercantilism
The first permanent English colony in the America was? Jamestown
He was called the Navigator because he opened a school for sailing and funded many sailing expeditions in search of a water route to Asia. Prince Henry
Raphael was famous for his paintings of who? Mary
Was the first to challenge the popular belief of the time that the Earth was the center of the universe. Copernicus
The technique of creating an illusion that objects in painting are closer or further from the viewer. perspective
The Renaissance began in the mid-1400's in what European country? Italy
People that broke away from the Catholic Church during the Reformation were called? Protestants
During the Renaissance the Catholic Church was criticized for selling? Indulgences
What was Johannes Gutenberg's famous invention and what happen impact did it have on Europe during the Renaissance? He invented the printing press, the major impact it had on Europe was that books becomes more affordable for the educated middle class
The events occurred in Boston British soldiers fired into a crowd of angry colonies who harassing the soldiers Boston Massacre
Who was responsible for the Boston Tea Party? Sons of Liberty
The Declaration of Independence was signed on what date? July 4, 1776
After the Americas defeated the British at this battle, the French decided to ally themselves with American Colonies Saratoga
American General George Washington trapped the British in _______________ and forced them to surrender. It was the site of the last battle major battle of the American Revolution. Yorktown
What country controlled Haiti at the time of their revolution? France
The Haitian rebellion was led by an escaped slaved named? Toussaint L'Overture
This man was the leader of the Sons of Liberty? Samuel Adams
After their successful rebellion from France, ____________ became the first independent country on Latin America Haiti
This man began the Mexican revolution when he called for Mexicans to revolt against Spain: Miguel Higalgo
This famous revolutionary is named "The Liberator" Simon Bolivar
At the beginning of the French Revolution what type of government did France have? Monarchy
A type of government in which a king, queen, or emperor has total power : Monarch
The group of advisers to King Louis XVI of France was called the: Estates General
The start of the French Revolution, a mob of people attacked the ______________ a prison in Paris to steal the weapons stored inside. Bastille
The National Assembly issued a document that stated that all men are created equal and have certain rights. This document is called: Declaration of the rights of Man and Citizens
In 1792, the French government was forced changed into a __________ when the King was stripped of all his power. Republic
In 1799, ____________ overthrew the French government and named himself Emperor of France. Napoleon
France's empire began to collapse when they invaded which country? Russia
Napoleon's army was finally defeated at which battle? Waterloo
After Napoleon was defeated, he was banished to the island of ___________ in the Atlantic Ocean St. Helena
The change from human and animal to machine power was known as the: Industrial Revolution
The invention of the _________ started the Industrial Revolution in Great Britain Steam engine
Grouping machine together in one place was called the: Factory System
He created the steam powered train: Stephenson
An American inventor who created the first steamboat? Fulton
Children had to work in factories picking up loose cotton that fell under machines. Children with this job were called: Scavengers
This was used as the main source fuel to power the factories during the Industrial Revolution Coal
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