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French Revolution

Estates General The representative body of people that was organized according to the French social structure.
Ancien Regime
Louis XVI
third estate
first estate
second estate
tennis court oath
national assembly
national convention
reign of terror
Committee of Public safety
Declarations of the Rights of Man
American Revolution
Napoleonic code
The government when monarchs had absolute power. Last monarch during this period was Louis XVI.
The last ruler of France prior to the Revolution. Neglected the Estates General and lived luxuriously in the Palace of Versailles l.
Comprised of most of the population. Only estate to pay taxes and also conscripted into the military. Always outvoted 2-1 in the Estates General.
Comprised of the clergy and did not have to pay taxes. Had special privileges.
Comprised of the nobles and did not have to pay taxes. Had special privileges and owned 20% of the land.
3rd estate gets locked out of the Estates General and promises to remain in session at a tennis court until they create a new Constitution. Declare themselves the National Assembly.
Forces Louis to serve as a limited monarch. Write the Declaration of the Rights of man.
After the National Assembly fails, this is the new government. It abolishes monarchy and forms a republican form of government.
Louis XVI gets tried and executed. The Committee of Public safety is created and led by Robespierre. Executed anyone they thought was anti-revolution.
Led the Committee of Public safety. Was a Jacobin. The reign of terror ends after his execution.
The radical group in the French Revolution that dominated the National Convention.
A prison and armory that got stormed by the 3rd estate to defend the Assembly from the King's forces.
Created by the National Convention and led by Robespierre. Purpose was to fight counter-revolutionaries in France. Issued a universal draft to protect France from invasions.
Way of execution used frequently during reign of terror. Named after creator.
Formed after the end of the Republic. Relies on military leadership of Napoleon to defend France.
Written by the National Assembly and serves as a constitution, turning Louis XVI into a limited monarch.
The military general that defended France from invasions. Overthrows the Directory and becomes First Consul of France. Later becomes dictator of France.
Had many thinkers from France that believed in equality, separation of power and separation of church and state.
War funded by France that bankrupts them. Many ideals from this war made their way into France, including the idea of natural rights.
Due to poor harvests, food supplies were running low. Food prices skyrocketed leaving the peasants unable to buy food.
A set of laws created by Napoleon that applied to all members of French society. Ended feudalism and ensured equality under the law and religious freedom.
Created by: PravarJ