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Stamp Act Taxes on written/printed documents
Patriots A colonist who wants independence from Britain
Loyalists A colonist who want to remain a part of Britain
Thomas Jefferson Principle of author of declaration of independence
George Washington First president and general of American forces
Federal system of government First central government has ability declare war, make treaties, raise armies
Executive branch President in charge and Enforce laws
Legislative branch Congress and Make the laws
Judicial branch Federal courts and Interpret the law
Bill of Rights Constitution the First 10 Amendments
Bourgeoisie The top of the 3ed astate (The rich of the pour)
Marie-Antoinette Austrian Empress Marries louis the 16th
Louis XVI (16th) King of France and builds up lots of debt by helping the Americans in Revolution
Olympe de Gouges Declaration of rights of women and Women of Citizenesses
Emigres Nobles fleeing the country and Plot to retake France
Departments Divide kings job into three lil ones
Conservatives Keep the king With limited power
Radicals Get rid of king
Moderates In Between Keep and Git rid
Universal manhood suffrage Rights for man to vote
Jean-Paul Marat Doctor and Leader of rights
Conscription The draft
Napoleon Bonaparte The general of the army will later become emperor
Josephine de Beauharnais Wife of Napoleon
Coup d’etat A forceful overthrow of the government.
Plebiscite Vote yes or no Can't suggest change in law
Napoleonic Code Laws organized by Napoleon
Concordat Agreement between Pope and France
Horatio Nelson British Vice admiral fIght and defeat French but die
Nationalism Refers to the love of one's country rather than your native region.
Duke of Wellington General and fight in peninsular war
scorched -earth policy Burning or destroying own houses and crops and Water supply
Charles-Maurice de Talleyrand-Périgord French representative at congress of Vienna
Indemnity (Financial)Rewards given to other countries for damages caused
Reactionaries People who not only oppose change but would also like to undo change
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