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lesson 9stack review

lesson 9 review

what is a policy of extending a country's power Imperialism
what is a shortened way to say the causes of imperialism H.I.N.T
what does the H stand for "Humanitarian"
what does the I stand for Industrialization
what does N stand for Natinalism
what does T stand for Technology
what are the three forms of imperialism Direct rule, Indirect rule, and informal Imperialism
what is needed for industrialization Markets and raw materials
what did the British have that the people of Africa didn't the Maxim gun
what is the name of a canal in Egypt the Suez canal
who was a British missionary who explored Africa David Livingstone
who went in search of David Livingstone Henry Stanley
who was the king of Belgium King Leopold II
what was a member of a Dutch settlement in South Africa called Boer
a war between the British and the Boers the Boer War
he was the leader of a tribe in Africa during the time of King Leopold II Shaka
he was the prime minister of a colony in South Africa Cecil Rhobes
who fought Japan in the Russo-Japanese war Russia
who fought Japan in the Sino-Japanese war China
when was the Taiping rebellion 1850
when was the treaty of Nanjing 1842
when was the boxer rebellion 1899
who was Sun Yixian leader of the rebellion that got rid of shogun
what caused the 1911 revolution wanting to end the Quing Dynasty
who signed the treaty of Kanagawa Japan
when was the Meiji Restoration reform of Japanese society
Created by: nicholas.cook