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Imperialism in Britain, Africa, and Asia

What is imperialism? A policy of extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force.
What are 2 words that could be put in place for imperialism? Colonialism or Expansionism
What word is used to remember the 4 causes of imperialism? HINT
What are the 4 causes of imperialism? Humanitarian, Industrialization, Nationalism, and Technological
What is direct rule? The conquering countries annex the new land. The land that was conquered is now part of the conquering country.
How did we represent direct rule? By knocking down the wall between Mr. Rowe's and Ms. Gurley's room and declaring that it is all Mr. Rowe's classroom.
What is indirect rule? The conquering country rules the new land through agreements with local rulers; technically the local rulers are in charge but they do what the imperial country wants.
How did we represent indirect rule? Rowe's class goes and conquered Ms. Gurley's class. We let her stay and teach her class, but she has to do everything Mr. Rowe says.
What is informal imperialism? Stronger countries allow weaker states to maintain independence but with heavy economic, political, and/or military influence by the stronger country.
How did we represent informal imperialism? Rowe walks over to Gurley tells Gurley that she will sell suckers because Rowe is bigger and badder, but she still controls her class.
What was one advantage of the European counties? They had industrialization so they had technological advantages
Why did Europeans impose imperialism? They wanted more markets and raw markets.
What was a new technological advancement that helped the European countries? The Maxim Gun
What did Edmund Morel do? He was the first person to realize what King Leopold was doing in Africa and pursue letting the public know about it. He let the public know by writing.
What happened at the Berlin Conference? Because they feared war, 14 countries met and formed the Berlin Conference in 1884–85 to set rules for Africa. The Berlin Conference allowed for European countries to completely take over Africa with no large wars.
What war the Boer War? Conflict between the British and Dutch settlers in Southern Africa
Who was Cecil Rhodes? British imperialism supporter and businessman who helped Britain gain control of large parts of southern Africa
Britain gained control of this area in order to protect the Suez Canal zone. Egypt
What was the Suez Canel? Waterway that connects the Mediterranean with the Red Sea
Who was David Livingstone? British missionary who sought the source of the Nile River and disappeared for years.
Who was Henry Stanley? Explorer who helped Leopold claim territory in Congo.
Who was King Leopold? Belgian monarch who gained control of a huge colony in Central Africa
What was the Congo River? Henry Stanley explored this waterway and claimed the land around it for King Leopold.
Who was Shaka? Zulu leader who fiercely resisted European colonization.
Who was the Opium War between? China and Britain
What was the Opium War over? The Chinese government wanted Britain to stop selling opium in China, but Britain's government did nothing to stop the selling of opium.
Was the Opium War on land or sea? Sea
What treaty ended the Opium War? The Treaty of Nanjing
How was the Treaty of Nanjing for China? Very equal and it humiliated China
What did it do between China and Britain? It made China open ports to European trade, and all British citizens had to be tried in Britain and not China.
Who were part of the Taiping Rebellion? Chinese peasants
Why did the Taiping Rebellion break out? The Chinese people were angry at China's weakness.
What was the Taiping Rebellion trying to do? Overthrow the emperor
Who was the Sino-Japanese War between? Japan and China
Who won the Sino-Japanese War? Japan
What were the 2 wars that showed China's weakness? Sino-Japanese War and the Opium War
Who did the Boxer Rebellion focus on fighting? All foreigners, missionaries, and Chinese converts. All westerners and anyone who worked with them
Who led the Revolution of 1911? Sun Yat-sen
What did the Revolution of 1911 how to accomplish? Overthrowing the emperor ad establishing a modern republic.
What was the Tokugawa period? The time before Japan had any western influence. They were ruled by Shoguns and they were conservative and traditional.
Why was Japan forced to sign the Treaty of Kanagawa? American warship appeared in the Tokyo harbor and demanded that they trade with the Japanese, but the traditional Shoguns did not like this idea. The American warship were very convincing though.
What other treaty is the Treaty of Kanagawa like? The Treaty of Nanjing, because they were bother very unfair.
Who took power after the Treaty of Kanagawa? Emperor Meiji
What was Emperor Meiji's goal? To transform Japan into a modern world
What was the time when Emperor Meiji transformed Japan called? Meiji Restoration
What were some reforms during the Meiji Restoration? Education was required, military reforms made the Army and Navy strong, and rapid industrialization.
What war did Japan defeat Russia? Russo-Japanese War
Which war showed China to be weak first? The Opium War
What broke out after the Treaty of Nanjing? The Taiping Rebellion
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