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Lesson 9 Review

Imperialism Extending a country's power and influence through diplomacy or military force
Direct rule a system of govt where province is controlled by a central govt
Indirect rule a system of govt where another country owns a nation but lets them keep there way of rules
Informal imperialism The conquering country rules the new land through agreements with local rulers
Raw marerials
Maxim gun
Suez Canal
David Livingstone
Henry Stanley
King Leopold II
Boer War
Cecil Rhodes
Opium War
Treaty of Nanjing A very unequal treaty that would open ports to European trade, and make it a law that British citizens could not be tried in China. It was humiliating for China and it illustrates just how weak China was.
Taiping Rebellion 1850- This rebellion was a result of anger at China's weakness. It was an attempt to over through the emperor. Ended 14 years after it began and 20 million Chinese died
Boxer Rebellion 1899- rebels=Harmonious Fists- hated foreigners, Trained in martial arts. Attacked missionaries and Chinese coverts. Rebellion was put down in 1900. Foreign powers imposed heavy fines on govt
Sun Yixian (Sun Yat-sen) Led the rev. of 1911
1911 Revlution Led by Sun Yat-sen. Wanted to over through emperor and establish a republic. Beginning of modern China
Treaty of Kanagawa Very unequal treaty. Humiliating to Japan. Shogun was forced to step down because he gave in.
Meiji Restoration Emperor Meiji took power and worked to transform Japan into a modern power. He sent officials on a two-year mission to learn about the west. Some of is reforms were, required education, military reforms, rapid industrialization.
Sino-Japanese War 1905- Japan defeated Russia
Russo-Japanese War When the world recognizes Japan as a world power
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