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Judges 1

study of the book of Judges

Whose death caused Israel to ask the Lord, "Who shall go up for us against the Canaanites? Joshua - 1:1
What nationality did Israel want the Lord to give them someone to fight against? Canaanites - 1:1
Who did the Lord say should go up because He had delivered the land into his hand? Judah - 1:2
Who did Judah ask to go with him to fight the Canaanites? Simeon - 1:3
What did Judah promise Simeon he would do if Simeon would help him? He would help Simeon - 1:3
Did Simeon agree to help Judah fight the Canaanites? Yes - 1:3
What two nations did Judah defeat? Canaanites and Perizzites - 1:4
How many Canaanites and Perizzites were killed in battle against Judah and Simeon? 10,000 men - 1:4
Where did Judah and Simeon slay 10,000 Canaanites and Perizzites? Bezek - 1:4
Who did Judah and Simeon fight against in Bezek? Adoni-bezek - 1:5
What did Judah and Simeon do to Adoni-bezek after the caught him fleeing? Cut off his thumbs and big toes - 1:6
Why did Adoni-bezek admit his thumbs and big toes were cut off? He had done the same to 70 (Threescore and ten) other kings - 1:7
Where was Adoni-bezek taken too until he died? Jerusalem - 1:7
What city did Judah fight against, captured it and set it on fire? Jerusalem - 1:8
After the capture of Jerusalem, what three areas did Judah go to fight the Canaanites? The Mountains, the south and the valley - 1:9
What was the earlier name of Hebron? Kirjath-arba - 1:10
Who did Judah kill at Hebron? Sheshai, Ahiman, and Talmai - 1:10
Where did Judah go after their victory at Hebron? Debir - 1:11
What was the previous name of Debir? Kirjathsepher - 1:11
Who promised his daughter in marriage to whomever would smite Kirjathsepher? Caleb - 1:12
What was the name of Caleb's daughter he promised to the person who would smite Kirjathsepher? Achsah - 1:12
Who won the hand of Achsah in marriage? Othniel - 1:13
What was Othniel's relationship to Caleb? He was Caleb's Nephew - 1:13
What did Achsah ask Othniel to ask for from her father, Caleb? A field in the south with springs - 1:13-15
Who went up to the city of palm trees with the children of Judah south of Arad to dwell there? The children of Kenite, Moses' father-in-law - 1:16
Who did Judah help Simeon to defeat? The Canaanites at Zephath - 1:17
What was the city of Zephath called? Hormah - 1:17
What other three cities did Judah take after Zephath? Gaza, Ashkelon and Ekron - 1:14
What other inhabitants did Judah drive out? The inhabitants of the mountains - 1:19
What inhabitants did Judah fail to drive out? The Inhabitants of the valley - 1:19
Why was Judah not able to drive out the inhabitants of the valley? Because they had chariots of iron - 1:19
What city was given to Caleb? Hebron - 1:20
Who had promised Hebron to Caleb? Moses - 1:20
Who did Caleb drive out of Hebron? The three sons of Anak - 1:20
Who did the children of Benjamin fail to drive out? The Jebusites who dwelt in Jerusalem - 1:21
What city did the tribe of Joseph go up against? Bethel - 1:22
What was the original name of the city of Bethel? Luz - 1:23
How did the men of Joseph know how to take the city? They captured a man from Bethel and promised his safety if he should them the way into the city - 1:24
Who did the men of Joseph save from death in the battle with Bethel? The man who helped them and his family - 1:25
Where did the man who helped the men of Joseph go after Bethel was defeated? The land of the Hittites - 1:26
What did the man who had helped the men of Joseph build when he moved to the land of the Hittites? a city - 1:26
What did the man name the city he built in the land of the Hittites? The name that his previous city was once called, Luz - 1:26
Who did the men of Manasseh fail to drive out? The inhabitants of Beth-shean, Taanach, Dor, Ibleam and Megiddo - 1:27
After the Israelites were strengthened what did they do to the Canaanites? They made them pay a tribute (tax) - 1:28
What did the Israelites fail to do to the Canaanites? Drive them completely out - 1:28
Who did Ephraim fail to drive out? The Canaanites of Gezer - 1:29
Who did Zebulun fail to drive out? The inhabitants of Kitron and Nahalol (Canaanites) - 1:30
Who did Asher fail to drive out? The inhabitants of Accho, Zidon, Ahlab, Achzib, Helbah, Aphik and Rehob (Canaanites) - 1:31-32
Who did Naphtali fail to drive out? The inhabitants of Bethshemesh and Bethanath - 1:33
What did Naphtali do to the inhabitants of Bethshemesh and Bethanath? They made them pay a tribute (tax) - 1:33
Who forced the children of Dan into the mountains? The Amorites - 1:34
Where did the Amorites dwell? The dwelt in Mount Heres in Aijalon and Shaalbim - 1:35
What did the children of Joseph do to the Amorites? That made them pay a tribute (tax) 1-35
Where was the coast of the Amorites? From the going up to Akrabbim from the rock and upward - 1:36
Created by: FredV
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