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Who Was Pope Urban 2? What Did He Do And Why? The head of the Roman Catholic Church. Called for a crusade, or war against the Muslims. Wanted to take back Jerusalem because it was there Holy Land.
Explain How The Plague Developed And How It Spread Started in Mongolia carried by fleas that were on Rats. The rats got on ships or on roads trade routes.
Explain The Levels Of Feudalism King, Nobles, Lords, Then Vassals, And Peasants. The Feudal System based on land.
What 2 Groups Fought In The Crusades And What Where They Fighting For? Muslims And Christians fought for control of the Crusades.
How Many Years Did The Crusades Take Place? Crusades took place for 200 years.
Name 2 Changes That Took Place In Law In The Middle Ages *Creation of the jury. *Parliament governing body.
Who Won The Crusades? The Muslims won the Crusades.
What Were Some Of The Challenges The Crusaders Faced On Their Journey To The Holy Land? *Lack of water *Starvation *Disease *Weather
Why Did Europeans Refer To Palestine As The Holy Land? Where Jesus existed, did his teaching, and where he was Crucified.
What Does The Term Renaissance Mean And Why Do You Think This Term Is Used? Means Rebirth, learning, arts, architecture, music, writing, acting, and new clothing.
What Invention Did Johan Gutenberg Invent And How Did It Change The Culture In Europe? Created the printing press. Made more happen reading. Because books were available now.
What Are The Beliefs Of Humanism? Belief that humans actions, ideas, and works are important.
What Are Some Of The Scientific Developments That Came During The Renaissance? Name 1 Of The People That Developed A Theory And What Was The Theory? Francis Bacon developed the scientific method. The theory is a system by which to gather data and information about the observable world and make a hypothesis about what could happen next. Then, they hypothesis is tested.
With The Renaissance Came New Ideas And Theories Of The World. What Is 1 Thing This Could Have Inspired And Will Lead Us To Our Next Learning? With all new ideas, Galileo's discoveries about the planet led to an 'age of discovery.
Holy Land Palestine; the area where Jesus of Nazareth lived
Pilgrim A Person who travels to visit a holy place
Muslim A follower of Islam, the religion that Muhammad founded in Arabia in the seventh century
Schism A permanent separation
Feudalism A political and military system based on the holding of land
Lord A king or noble who gave land to someone else
Vassal A person who received land from a king or noble
Fief The land and peasants who farmed it, which a lord gave to a vassal
Page A young noble who learned certain behaviors to become a knight
Squire A 15-year old page who learned how to ride a horse and use weapons to become a knight
Knighted To be made a knight
Manor The part of a fief that peasants farm to support the lord’s family
Blacksmith A person who works with iron and makes tools and weapons
Serf A peasant who was bound to the land and whose life was controlled by the lord of the manor
Moat A dug-out area filled with water that circles a castle
Drawbridge A bridge that can be raised or lowered over a moat
Courtyard A large open area inside the castle walls
Joust A contest between two knights carrying lances and riding horses
Bishop A priest who is in charge of other priests and a number of churches
Romanesque A style of building that was like what the Romans built with thick walls and arches
Gothic A style of architecture with thin walls, pointed arches, many windows, and flying buttresses
Parliament The English council or lawmaking assembly
Clergy Leaders of religious groups
Rebellion A fight by people against a government; a struggle for change
Renaissance Rebirth; a period in European history that focused on being an individual and expanding creative thoughts and ideas
Humanism A belief that human actions, ideas, and works are important
Tutor A teacher who teaches one person at a time
Architect A person who draws plans for building
Sculptor A person who carves statues
Worldly Having nothing to do with religion
Drama A story that is acted out on stage
Sonnet A 14-line poem about one idea
Portrait A drawing of a person
Fresco A painting done in wet plaster on a wall
Patron A person who supports an artist with money
Chapel A small church
Vatican The home of the pope
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