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Revolutionary France

Revolutionary France and the Congress of Vienna

King Louis XVI Created a huge national debt and burdensome taxes on the third estate through wasteful spending and financing wars.
Marie Antoinette was an Austrian princess. she was wasteful and extravagant like her husband King louis.
Estates general Is the advising body made up of representatives of each estate. "voice of the people"
First estate consisted of the roman catholic clergy
second estate Nobles. 2% of the population and owned 20% of land.
third estate Had little rights and was forced to pay half of the income in taxes to their lords, the church, and to the king. 98% of the population
tennis court oath A vow to write the constitution. Called themselves the national assembly. Their document was called the declaration of the rights of man and citizens.
storming of the Bastille was a prison and armory. The people of france wanted to steal the weapons to defend the assembly from the king's forces. The king's forces turned against the king and helped the people of france instead.
reign of terror The reign of terror began after the execution of the king. Reign of terror was the execution of anyone that was rumored to have been un-loyal to the revolutionary.
committee on public safety was led by maximilian robespierre (the jacobins).
guillotine invented by joseph-ignace guillotin in the late 1789. it was used as a method of execution.
robespierre was a lawyer then later became the leading jacobin member. much later supported the terror and had many executed. by 1793-1794 he was arrested by the convention then on July 28th he was guillotine with 21 of his close supporters.
napoleon was a military general that defended france. he created the gov called the consulate and was the "first consul". he created the first public education system which was financed by public work projects. he also negotiated a pact with the pope.
napoleonic code introduced in 1804. states clear laws applicable to all members of europe conquered by napoleon.
congress of vienna The European nations met a deal with the post napoleon europe and restored all the monarchies overthrown by napoleon. redrew map. created balance of power. surrounded france with powerful neighbors. made the concert of europe alliance system.
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