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AP World Vocab

Trans-Oceanic global trading system of Caribbean and Americas
Colombian Exchange exchange of goods to NA and SA (Europe, Asia, Africa)
Merchantilism economic policy to increase wealth
Triangular Trade Europe, African and colonies trading system
Middle Passage brought slaves across Atlantic Ocean
Caravel Ship used by Spanish and Portuguese
Joint-Stock Companies business formed by groups of people
East India Companies British, French, Dutch trading companies
Vodun African religious practice
Protestant Reformation religious movement of 16th century (Roman Catholics)
Martin Luther German monk; criticized Roman Catholic Church
95 Theses Written by Martin Luther; began reformation
Catholic Reformation religious movement with Latin
Jesuits Society of Jesus members
Scientific Revolution mid-1500's study of natural world
Colombus Italian navigator who discovered the new World
Magellan Portuguese explorer
Vasco da Gama first European to reach India by sailing
Zheng He Asian voyages
Little Ice Age cooling period (14-19th century)
Chattel Slavery legal owning of another person
El Mina important Portuguese trading factory
Plantation Economy slave-encountered economy
Indentured Servitude agreement to work a certain amount of years
Encomienda System Spaniard grant
Hacienda System estates granted to conquistadors
Mita System system to recruit workers
Devshirme Christian boys
Jannisaries Ottoman Empire required non-Islamic families to give up young boys
Daimyo (feudal Japan) great leader
Peninulare Spanish-born Spaniard living in new world
Creoles European and black
Mestizos Native American and European
Sociedad de castas Spanish social system
Commercial Revolution Change in European economy; increased: trade, towns
Potosi Bolivia; silver mining
Absolutism acceptance in absolute principles
Louis XIV (1638-1715) Sun King (Palace of Versailles)
Phillip II (1556-1598) King of Spain most powerful monarch
Peter the Great (1672-1725) Russian tsar
Parliamentary Monarchy King or Queen rule; limited by Parliament
Divine Rights kings and monarchs have a right to rule
Vesailles built by King Louis XIV (Paris)
Gun powder Empire Ottomans Safavids Mughals
European Empires Great Britain France Spain Netherlands Denmark
Aztecs Tenochtitlan
Incas built civilization in Western South America
Ming Dynasty ruling dynasty of China
Tokugawa Shogunate unified lords
Conquistadors Spanish adventurers conquered Mexico, Central America, and Peru (early 16th century)
Thirty Year War wars between Europe; 1618-1648
Treaty of Westphalia ended 30 years of war; granted rights to rulers in Holy Roman Empire
English Civil War conflicts between Parliamentarians and Royalist
Glorious Revolution political events of 1688-1689
Treaty of Tordesillas treaty Portugal and Spain signed to divide new world
Hernan Cortez Spanish adventurer who cause fall of Aztec Empire
Francisco Pizzaro Spanish adventurer who conquered Inca's
Japan's Closed Country Policy expulsion of Europeans
Cartography map making
Mulattos European and African
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