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Greek Unit Test

What are 2 similarities between American and Athens democracies? 1. Had to be over 18 to vote 2.Citizens serve on Juries
What are 2 differences between Athens and America? 1. Athens had to be male, but with America men and women could vote 2. Athens had to vote if eligible, but America has equal voting rights for all people
What's one difference between Athens and Sparta men in training and education? Sparta men were hard core in military, and only went to military school, while Athens men learned all subjects
What's one difference between Athens and Sparta men in Trade or government? Sparta men had no say in government, but Athens men became wealthy and powerful by trade.
What's one difference between Sparta and Athens women in training and education? Sparta women were expected to be tough and train with the boys, while Athens women had no education, and were expected to run the household.
What's the definition of an acropolis? Top city
What's the definition of citizen? A person who has a right to take part in government
What's the definition of city-state? A city with its surrounding territory forms an independent state.
What's the definition of democracy? The right for anyone to make a decision.
Whats the definition of an Empire? When someone is ruling for a long time period.
What's the definition of Hellenistic? Greek life or culture
What's the definition of a Monarchy? A queen or king is ruling
What's the definition of Philosophy? The study of the nature of knowledge, reality, and existence.
What's the definition of a Jury? A group of citizens chosen to make decisions in law.
Who was Themistocles? A naval war general in the Persian War.
Who was Alexander the Great? A famous military leader who invaded and conquered the Persian Empire.
What were the requirements to vote in Athens? Free, male, adult, citizen
What were Athenians able to do when they developed a new form of government? Vote and make their own laws.
What was Sparta famous for? Their military way of life
What was the only job a Spartan man could do? Be a soldier
What is a Golden Age? A period of time in a society's history with great achievements.
What was Pericles responsible for? The greatest leader in history of Athens
What was it about Greek art that people admired? Artist's skill and careful preparation.
What did many people call Ancient Greece? The birthplace of modern civilization
Created by: Josie F.