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Unit 1 world history

Mummification The process of preserving the body with chemicals after death
Fertile Cresent A region of rich farm land that curves from the Mediterranean Sea to the Persian gulf
Hieroglyphs A form of ancient writing in which picture symbols represent sounds
Cultural dissfusion The spreading of culture from one society to another
Oracle bones Inscribed bones used to predict the future
Indo-Europeans Semi-nomadic people who migrated from the southern Russia to the Indian subcontinent around 1700 B.C.
Castes Social classes in the ancient Indian class system
Cuneiform Sumerian writing
Subcontinent A large landmass that is part of a continent but is considered independent geographically or politically
Theocracy A government ruled by religious leaders who claim gods authority
Civilization A complex, organized society that has cities,government, religion, record keeping/writing, job specialization, social classes, and art/architecture
Artisans Skilled craftspeople who make goods
Mandate of Heaven The Chinese belief that Royal authority is the result of divine approval
Loess Fine yellow soil blown from the desert regions
Monsoon Seasonal winds in India
Pharaoh A ruler of ancient Egypt
Vedas Sacred writings of the Indo-Aryans
Polytheism The belief in many gods
Rajas Leaders of ancient cities in India
Rosetta Stone A granite stone found in 1799; it gave the first clue to deciphering Egyptian hieroglyphics
Steppes Arid grasslands
Rameses Pharaoh of Egypt; he defeated the Hittites ruled Egypt with extravagance, building more temples/monuments than any other pharaoh
Dynastic cycle The rise and fall of Chinese dynasties
Hammurabi King of Babylonia and brilliant military leader who is known for his uniform code of 282 laws- the first to be written down
Hatshepsut Queen of ancient Egypt; took the throne in place of her stepson and focused on the temple building, projects, and trade
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