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SBS Chap 3 Vocab

anesthesia terms

Conscious sedation a decreased level of consciousness in which the patient is not completely asleep
CRNA certified registered nurse anesthetist
Demerol a narcotic analgesic
Endotracheal tube a tube that can be inserted through the nose of the mouth and passed into the trachea for ventilation
Epidural anesthesia also known as peridural, epidural, epidural block, and intraspinal anesthesia; injection of an anesthesia agent into the spaces between the vertebrae
General anesthesia a state of unconsciousness produced by the administration of a drug.
Hypotension abnormally low blood pressure
Hypothermia low body temperature
Moderate sedation a decreased level of consciousness in which the patient is not completely asleep
Patient-controlled analgesia a system that allows the patient to self administer a pain control drug
Physical status modifiers used to describe a patient’s condition at the time anesthesia is administered
Postoperative period of time after a surgical procedure
Preoperative period of time prior to a surgical procedure
Qualifying circumstances five-digit CPT codes that describe situations or conditions that affect the administration of anesthesia
Regional anesthesia block or conduction anesthesia;the interruption of the sensory nerve conductivity in a region of the body
Relative value guide comparison of anesthesia services
Unbundling assigning multiple codes when one CPT code would fully describe the service or procedure
Valium a sedative
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