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bible exam 2

note cards on second semester bible

Phrophet that reminded David who the throne belonged to. Nathan
where Elijah traveled to help the poor widow woman. Zarapeth
Area where there was good soil Fertile Crescent
How old was Joash when he became king 7
Hezekiah's father Ahaz
Hezekiah stationed them in the temple to offer praise with musical instruments unto the Lord Levites
How many years did Josiah reign 31
Phrophet that met with Jeroboam to show the kingdom divided Ahijah
He was given thet tribes in the northern kingdom to rule over Jeroboam
Joash's mother Zibiah
The priest that helped influence Joash as he made repairs to the temple Jehoiada
During Hezekiah's reign, the Levites sanctified the house of the Lord in how many days? 8
The evil king of Isreal during the time of Elijah Ahab
Greedy servant of Elisha/Became stricken with leprosy Gehazi
Oldest son of David Adonijah
Josiah's father Amon
What did Josiah read that convinced him that the nation had turned from God Pentateuch
Commander of the king of Syria Naaman
Total number of sheep and goats sacrificed as Hezekiah restored temple worship 3000
Son of Solomon/Became king of Judah Rehoboam
How many phrophets of Baal were opposed to God's phrophet Elijah? 450
Mother of Solomon Bathsheba
Prepared his son to construct the temple David
Where the phrophets of Baal were defeated Mt. Carmel
How many were found in Isreal that had not bowed there knee to Baal? 7000
The coming of Christ(judgement) Rapture
List the events of the rapture in order(3)? 1.Trumpet call of God2.Dead in Christ will rise3.Still living in Christ will rise
Phrophet of God/Defeated the phrophets of Baal/went up into heaven in a whirlwind Elijah
Phrophet of God/asked for a double portion of Elijah's spirit Elisha
How did the voice of the Lord come to Elijah? Still Small Voice
Defeated Jerusalem and had the Jews in Exile Nebuchadnezzar
Celebration where people had to stay in wooden booths or tents Feast of the Tabernacles
How many of the 29000 families were involved inthe sin that Ezra led the confession? 113
Empire that allowed return of Jews Cyrus
country that defeated Jerusalem and had the Jews in exile Babylon
Leader of first return of the Jews Zerubbabel
Benjamin & Judah Southern Kingdom
The year that the temple was rebuilt and completed 516 B.C.
Jerusalem was defeated and Jerusalem was in exile 586 B.C.
The walls were rebuilt in how many days? 52
How many years were the Jews in exile from there homeland 70
? Persian Empire
Phrophesied that empire would be destroyed Jeremiah
temple structures like a tent made of wood booths
Leader of the third return of the Jews Nehemiah
Created by: kristenfikse
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