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unit 3 review

unit 3 review WH

what kind of government was Greece forced to use based on the geography of their land? city-states
what kind of government did the Romans use in their empire? Republic
what was the Pax Romana? 200 years of Roman peace
what were aristole's views on government? 1 ruler limited by law should lead with the council of the middle class
what reforms did augustus make when he became caesar? established a civil service system , a postal system, one standard coin, and a census for tax purposes
what is the main principle of law that we got from the romans? innocent until proven guilty
what achievements are the romans best know for? engineering , law , latin language , architecture.
what cultures did alexander the great blend together to form the Hellenistic culture? persian , indian , greek , and egyptian
what did the roman rulers give the christians such a hard time? christian refusal to worship the emperor was seen as opposition and rebellion.
what made christianity such a popular religion during roman times? embraced all people, promised eternal live, offered personal relationship with god.
how were the greeks and romans alike in respect to their religion? both polytheistic with similar myths about gods with human characteristics.
why did the germaic tribes invade the roman empire? they were fleeing the huns and being driven westward.
why did diocletian divide the roman empire? a co-ruler would make it easier to control.
what accomplishments was justian know for? he expanded territory, built up constantinople and preserved roman law in his code
what two ancient cultures did the byzantines get most of their ideas from? greeks and romans
in what areas did the byzantine empire influence the russian empire? art, and architecture
what was the purpose of justinian's code of laws? it brought order to the byzantine empire and later influence laws in both eastern and western europe.
what became the official religion of the byzantine empire? christianity.
who was the real driving force behind the empire? theodora.
how did the russians go about breaking free from mongol rule? russians refuse to continue paying tribute, led by ivan the lll the russians faced the mongol army in a standoff where both armie, refused to fight.
what was the largest empire in recorded history? mongol empire
what traits made genghis khan such a successful ruler of the mongols? he was a brilliant strategist, well-organized, and used cruelty as a weapon against defiance.
Created by: ashleyma