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Dzendzel Greece 2

Golden Age of Greece

Pericles Leader, politician in Athens during its Golden Age; responsible for rebuilding the Acropolis
Herodotus "Father of History;" historian who used primary sources to write about the Persian Wars
Archimedes Great Thinker who was a scientist, inventor, artist, and writer; known for determining how to find volume of an object
Thucydides Greek Historian who used primary sources to write a history of the Peloponnesian Wars
Sophocles Playwrite who created drama like Antigone
Aeschylus Father of Tragedies; Playwrite who wrote dramas
Aristophanes Playwrite who created comedies
Ampitheater Building created out a side of a hill where Greek plays and dramas would be shown
Thespis The first actor
Hippocrates The Father of Medicine
Pythagoras Mathematician who devised the first set of geometry theorems using triangles
Euclid Creator of the first Geometry textbook
Hipparchus Astronomer who named more than 850 stars, figured out the equinoxes and founder of trigonometry
Ptolemy Geographer who created a textbook of maps and 8000 locations
Socrates Philosopher in Athens who would teach individuals how to think by asking "why"
Plato Philosopher from Athens who created an Academy and wrote down the philosophy of Socrates and wrote The Republic
Aristotle Philosopher from Athens who created the Lyceum and was the tutor of Alexander the Great
Phidias Greatest Greek sculpture who created golden statues of Zeus and Athena
Parthenon Large temple to Athena in Athens, serves as a symbol of Hellenistic Culture
Acropolis meaning "high city" in Greek; hill in Athens which served for defense and home to temples such as the Parthenon
Created by: nadzendz