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History Dates 2

History Dates Semester 2

English Civil War 1642-46
Seven Years War (end of) 1763
Battle of Lexington and Concord 1775 (American Revolution 1775- 1781) Battle of Yorktown, Sept. 28- Oct. 19, 1781
Constitution of the US ratification 1788 (took effect March 4, 1789)
French Revolution beginning of 1789
Congress of Vienna 1815
Taiping Rebellion 1850
Crimean War 1854- 1856
American Civil War 1861- 1865
Meji Restoration in Japan 1868
Foundations/ Technological an Environmental Transformations c. to 600 BCE
Classical Period/ Organization and Reorganization of Human Societies c. 600 BCE- 600 CE
Dark Ages c. 500 CE- 800 CE
Middle Ages c. 800 CE- 1300 CE
High Middle Ages c. 1000- 1500
Renaissance c. 1300- 1600
Early Modern Period/ Global Interactions c. 1450- 1750
Age of Discovery (Exploration) c. 1500- 1700
Age of Reason/ Revolutions c. 1600- 1800
Victorian Era (Age of Imperialism) 1837- 1901 (1870- 1914)
Industrialization and Global Integration c. 1750- c. 1900
Industrial Revolution c. 1700- c. 1920
Modern Era/ Accelerating Global Change and Realignments c. 1900- Present Day
Post- Classical Period/ Regional and Interregional Interactions c. 600 CE- 1450
Franco-Prussian War 1870- 1871 (Unification of Germany/ Italy)
Death of Queen Victoria 1901 (her reign began in 1837; also known as the Victorian Era)
Russian Revolution 1917 (March 15th and later November)
World War 1 (beginning and ending) August 1914- November 1918
World War II (beginning and ending) Europe: September 1, 1939- May 8, 1945; Japan: September 2, 1945
US entry into WW I/ WW II April 6, 1917 / December 7, 1941
Formation of India, Israel, and China (PRC) 1947 (India), 1948 (Israel), 1949 (China (Peoples Republic of China))
Korean War 1950- 1953 (armistice only- no peace treaty)
Building & Fall of Berlin Wall 1961- 1989
Terrorist attacks against targets in the United States September 11, 2001 (Two planes hit the World Trade Center, New York City, third plane hit the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., and the fourth plane crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.)
Created by: marebear920