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chapter 9 vocab

Who were the plebeians? A common farmer, trader or craftworker in ancient Rome.
A member of the noble families who controlled all power in the early years of the Roman Republic. Patricians
A form of government in which citizens elect representatives to speak or act for them republic
Representative A person who is elected by citizens to speak or act for them.
Senate A lawmaking body and most powerful branch of Rome's government
Tribune An elected leader of ancient Rome who represented the interest of the plebeians.
Consul The one of two elected officials of the Roman Republic who commanded the army and were supreme judges.
Twelve Tables The earliest written collection of Roman laws drawn up by Patricians about 450 BC that became the foundation of Roman law.
Punic Wars A series of conflicts between Rome and Carthage in the 200's BC ending and a victory for Rome.
Livy Historian of the ancient Roman Republic who wrote about the struggle between the patricians and plebeians.
Hannibal The general of Carthage who marched his army from Spain to Rome in the Second Punic Wars
Scipio Roman general who defeated Hannibal in the Battle of Zama outside Carthage, North Africa, in 202 BC.
Forum A meeting place in the center of ancient Rome; laws were often discussed there.
Carthage The ancient city on the north coast of Africa.
Zama Site in northern Africa where the Roman army defeated the Carthage army in 202 BC.
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