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NTI Medical Terms

Medical prefixes, stems, and suffixes for NTI

a, an absent, deficient
ab away from
ad toward
ambi both
aniso unequal
ante before
ant(i) against
auto self
baso blue
bi two
bio life
brady slow
circum around
co, com, con with, together
contra against
de down, from
di two
dia through
dipl double
dis apart, away from
dys bad, difficult, improper
e, ecto, ex out from
end(o) inside, within
enter(o) intestine
epi upon, after
equi equal
glyco sweet
hemi half
hyper above, excessive
hypo under, deficient
infra beneath
inter among, between
intra within
iso equal
kilo one thousand
macro large
mal bad, abnormal
medi middle
mega huge, great
melan black
meta after, next
micro small, one-millionth
milli one-thousandth
mon(o) one, single
morph shape
necro dead
neo new
neutro neutral, neither
olig few
orth straight, normal
pan all
para beside, accessory to
per through
peri around
phago to eat
poly many
post after
pre, pro before
pseudo false
psycho(o) mind
py(o) pus
quad(r) four
retro backward
semi half
steno narrow
sub under
super, supra above
syn together
tachy rapid, fast
therm heat
trans through
tri three
uni one
adeno gland
alg pain
arter artery
arthr joint
audio hearing
brachi arm
bronch(i) air tube in lungs
card heart
calc stone
carcin cancer
caud tail
ceph(al) head
chol bile, gall bladder
chondr cartilage
chrom color
cran skull
cut skin
cyan blue
cyst bladder, bag
cyt(o) cell
dactyl finger
dent, dont tooth
derm skin
edema swelling
erythro red
febr fever
gastro(o) stomach
genito reproductive
gloss tongue
hem(a), haem blood
hepat(o) liver
histo tissue
hystero uterus
iatro physician
lip fat
lith stone
mening membrane covering brain
morph shape, form
myel marrow
myo muscle
nephro kidney
neur nerve
onc tumor, cancer
ophthal eye
os mouth
os, osteo bone
oto ear
path disease
phleb vein
phob fear
phot light
pneum air, lung
pod foot
pulm lung
ren kidney
rhin nose
scler hard
sep poison
soma(t) body
sperm seed
stoma mouth, opening
thorac chest
tome knife
tox(ic) poison
ur(o), uria urine
vas vessel
ven vein
algia pain
blast primitive, germ
centesis puncture, aspiration
cide death, killer
ectomy excision, cut out
emesis vomiting
emia in/of the blood
genic origin, producing
ia state, condition
iasis process, condition
iole small
itis inflammation
lysis free, breaking down
oid resembling, similar to
(o)logy study of
oma tumor
osis state, condition, increase
ostomy create an opening
otomy cut into
opathy, pathia disease
penia lack of
phil affinity for, liking
phyte plant
plastic, plastia to form or mold
poiesis to make
rrhage excessive flow
rrhea flow
scope, scopy view
stasis same, standing still
troph(y) nourishment
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