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aztec questions

Alyssa cervantes period 4 s.s

What year did they built the empire? They built the empire in the 1400's.
In what were the Aztecs organized? The Aztecs were organized in a rigid class structure that influenced many aspects of life.
What were the main classes? The classes were nobles and commoners.
In what homes did they live? They lived in adjoining homes.
What is the lowest level of society? The lowest level is slavery.
How many years would the Aztec children attend school? They would attend a few years.
what would the women do meanwhile the men would be out in the fields? The women would work at home.
what did all commoners work as? They were farmers, artisans, and traders.
What were Aztec men trained as? They were trained to be warriors.
How would Aztecs select there kings? They would be selected by the council nobles, passed from father to son or passed to brothers or other blood relatives.
What did the five royals help with? They helped the king run the government.
What is a lesser official? They included the ruling council of Tenochtitlan.
What did the aztecs maintained? they maintained the empire through threat of military forces.
What were the tributes goods ranged from? They were ranged from clothing and military supplies to jewlery , food, and building materials.
What did monarchs rule with ? They ruled with the blessing of the gods and gave government support to religion institutions .
What do the aztecs believed the gods gave them? they believed the gods gave them earth.
Who was the most important Aztec god? the most important Aztec god is Huitzilopochitli.
How would they sacrificed humans? they would cut out there hearts.
what is the Aztec cycle? their cycle is war,sacrifice, and tribute.
Created by: alyssac5