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Social Studies

Chapter 5 Social Studies Test

Hammurabi King of the Babylonian Empire: creator of the Code of Hammurabi, one of the world's oldest codes of law.
Polytheism The belief in many gods and goddesses.
City-state A self-governing city, often with surrounding lands and villages
Ziggurat A large temple located in the centers of ancient Sumerian cities
Code of Law A written set of laws that apply to everyone under a government
Sargon King of the city-state Kish; united the city-states of Sumer to create an empire
Cuneiform A system of writing that used wedge-shaped symbols to represent sounds, ideas, and objects; developed in ancient Sumer.
Cuniform was simplified from figures to signs in order to write faster.
Scribes in Sumer also had to study mathematics so they could keep accurate records
Gilgamesh an early mythical hero
City-states often went to war over control of precious river water
At the center of the Sumerian cities was a ziggarat made from mud and bricks
Hammurabi gained control of Sumer by damming key parts of the Euphrates river
A Code of Law was applied to everyone under his rule
The "New" Babylon was protected by two massive walls and a moat
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