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History Test #2

Multiple choice on india and china

what government was set up by the mauryan dynasty which was controlled by the capital city? centralized
what mauryan ruler built roads and hospitals for people and animals? asoka
five hundred years after the mauryan dynasty failed,what dynasty created an empire that reunited much of northern india? gupta
two famous epic stories that indians today still like to read are the mahabharata and? ramayana
the indian invention of what around a.d 500 had a great impact on the study of mathematics and science? zero
what is one of the oldest religions in the world and is today's third largest? hinduism
in hindusim, the universal spirit, or creator, is called? brahman
buddhism was founded by who around 600 b.c? siddhartha
the buddha believed that the only way to find truth was to give up? all desires
the two groups of buddhists who spread buddha's ideas to southeast asia were? theravada and mahayana
in chinese society, the merchants class ranked below the? farmers and aristocrats
chinese families practiced filial piety, which meant that children had to? respect their parents
confucius believed that society would do well id everyone always did his or her? duty
laozi believed that people should give up what in favor of nature? worldly desires
during the 200s b.c, legalism taught that humans were naturally? evil
qin shinuangdi based on his rule on what philosophy? legalism
the great wall of china was built using the labor of which group? farmers
this chinese invention allowed ships to move their sails and to sail into the wind for the first time? rudder
the silk road stretched how many miles from western china to southeast china? 4,000
buddhism spread during unrest in china after the fall of the what dynasty? han
the chinese call the huang he river what because it drowned people and destroyed homes? "china's sorrow"
china's first rulers were probably from the what dynasty? xia
the first capital of china was? anyang
the what dynasty ruled for more years than any other chinese dynasty in history? zhou
an important trade item used during the zhou dynasty was? silk
Created by: 9oscar9